[Open Source] Fast-Flag System

I’ve seen a lot of games that do a manual publish in order to have a ‘limited time’ event be enabled/disabled. This system aims to be a fast flag system for users to be able to quickly enable or disable events like double xp or double credits. While this may not be suited for large popular games like Mad City that have a streamline of 2.3k+ players daily, having roughly 14 different servers or more, this will aim to be a good system for lower-range games. If popular games would like to use this system, I strongly advise working on a lower API stress on Trello’s API.
I should note at the end of the event, the card will automatically be placed back into the Example’s list or whatever your archive list is set to.
This example’s trello is Trello, you are free to copy and customize it to your fitting.

Settings is used to change Update_Time
Live_Events is where active events are held with a epoch description
Examples is the archive folder for events

You will need to supply your own Trello key and Token, which can both be generated here.
Documentation can be found in the documentation module.
Key Placements
Working pics

@Luistheinge for his Trello OOP module (Roblox-trello | Object Oriented Trello API)
Fast Flag Trello Style.rbxl (33.4 KB)

I’m hoping a lot of it is self-explanatory going on, but if you have questions feel free to ask and I should be able to respond in a timely manner!


Amazing resource! This is a cool, innovative solution that any developer can take advantage of. As others will probably point out, Trello isn’t really a good solution for doing this. On a minimal scale, it’s fine. If you are looking to have a reliable system, use a database or server of some sort.


This is a great way for developers to be able to manage their games without constantly closing servers to update!

However, Trello is not designed as a remote administration panel for games. It is a collaboration tool for development teams to be able to organise their projects.

For those who want to use this module, I would suggest looking into how to create your own webserver if you wish to have remote access to fflags for your game.


Seems really useful and like a great idea. Thanks for your contribution! I’ll be checking this out in the future.


Aye, I very much agree with that. I aimed this release towards small-scaled games, maybe roughing about 300-600 with minimal of 9-12 servers at most, but did have a notice that if you are a large scale game try and optimize it as much as possible to maybe 1-3 servers that have the data and use MessangingService to coordinate.


As someone who worked with @nstrike159 on a few of his API functions, Trello does not like getting a ton of API requests, nor do they like that Roblox is one if most requester; which is kind of dumb in a sense. I’d focus on making some sort of open source web server that would allow for something like this.

aka: Trello doesn’t like people using their API from Roblox, and it’s not a good practice anyway. Use something better!

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I am planning to release another version, although I am debating on whether using Datastore or web server with a NodeJs application running on Electron.


Small update to this point, I’m working on a datastore dependent system in use with a plugin,

Just atm dealing with how to go about using the plugin since plugins are not my forte.


This is cool and all, but can’t you do this in a more efficient way using MessagingService?

Either way, interesting stuff!

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The only way MessagingService would have any benefit would be to designate a singular server to be the data sender/getter.

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@LordMerc Have you considered using GitHub to host fast flags? It’s what I use and works quite well for me.


Haven’t thought of using GitHub for that sort of thing actually.

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