[OPEN SOURCE] Free DataStore Editor Plugin!

Hey, just a thought but couldn’t you also have that folder be a child of the plug-in script? I can’t see why it wouldn’t work the same.

I don’t know why is this a problem. Anyways It is more organized for me.

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Thank you so much for this! Especially the fact that you made it free! :heart:

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Well, for one it would stop people from deleting stuff in ServerStorage and breaking the plugin, and also when people delete the plugin, all the cached info would be deleted too.

UI Update!

I updated the UI colors.
Now every value has it’s own color bases od the type of it:

This is a small but useful update for the plugin!
Please report every problem you have with the plugin! I’m fixing them!
Or if you have any ideas please share it here!

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  • Expand value button (opens expanded editor) image

  • Expanded editor (for long strings)

  • Smart recent search (example: if you type in a “c” it will only show up recents with a “c” in it)

  • Color fixes!


Small UI Update

Now if you click on a textbox, it will get a blue outline so you can see it is focused.
If you click out, the outline will disappear.

That’s it!

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It’s kinda annoying not being able to dock the widget because of the minimum size, I mean, I could do it, but then 1/2 the screen would be taken up.

Sorry for that, but the UI breaks after a size. I can’t make it smaller right now, maybe I will do another redesign sometime.

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UI Update!

Now if you make the widget too small, the gui will “tranform”!
Let me show:
Big widget:

Small widget:

I think you noticed there is a little menu button image
You can click it to toggle this:

That’s it, goodbye!

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Table editor Update!

Now, if you expand tables with the “E” button.
you can edit the table in a different window.

You can open as many windows as you want.

This update is super useful! Share any bug!


How do i edit the datastores and save them in the game? I set my currency (dust) to 500 in the editor, but in-game i have the old amount (inf)

There are some solutions:

  1. Try pressing the Save button again.
  2. Make sure you are editing the right key.
  3. Restart studio.
  4. Reinstall the plugin.

If the issue still occurs please report it here!

Hey, first of all, thanks for the plugin - I love it and use it all the time! However, when editing strings via the plugin, they always come out with the quotation marks included.

For example, say I have a nickname here:

I edit the nickname’s text data via your plugin (Change from Ronald → MacDonald)

Now, the name has quotations in it

Remove the quotes from the nicknametext.

Those are added automatically whether I type them out or not (I typed in MacDonald, not "MacDonald")

Is there a way to remove them?

If not, then thats most likely an issue with the plugin.

Doesn’t seem like it, even if I press Save before the quotes appear on the UI. Might be missing something, though.

Oh my god, how did I not notice this bug myself?
Thanks for the report! I’m fixing it right now!