[Open source] game pass

hello again i made a game pass ui

i hope this helps for people making simulator or any type of game

here a pic on how it looks like

[EDIT] sorry i forgot the link so sorry

if you want to know when i am posting or making ui for open source plz follow me on twitter

and i would love it if you could tell what you guys want open source and if you could give me some feedback so ik what to make better or what you guys like


How do i use a .psd file without photoshop, do you know how?..

i have nothing else to say other than feedback which you might not like, I want the background to be customizeable (also it can be used for badges)

You can use Photopea as being a online photo editor!

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It’s mainly used for photoshop, but you could try and use GIMP to open the file since GIMP does have support for .psd files. Do note that there might be problems with some layers but other than that it should be good


to the OP

i need you to put the download link that takes you to the download of the .psd file as .psd files are unreadable in mobile

you can use photopea that what i use bc like i got no money :slight_smile: and every thing you see you can change even the background all i did to the background was add a Gradient overlay