Open source game

This is a game I had been working on for a bit of time.
But recently I decided to stop development since I had more important things to focus on.

You can take code for your own personal use.
Make anything you want with it.


More like stickman spider.
Its a good game, how much time it took you to dev it?
doesn’t really keep you immersed tho…

Very good work, even though it’s not a finished product I love the general concept of the game. I hope someone expands upon it

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it took over a few weeks, dropping development because i do not have to time to keep making it

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What does the “Talk” sound go for?

I was originally going to add NPCs with dialog but I scrapped it.

Is there a way for me to add this myself?

Most likely, though you would need to make the NPC system your self.