Open Source Global Property Management System and Much More

I have 2 projects I’ll be sharing with you all, both unfinished but will hopefully give some aspiring dev’s something to look at and learn from or take scraps off of as I have from other OS projects.

I haven’t properly commented or “prettied” up my code as I never originally intended for it to be seen by anyone else but me for a while so keep ChatGPT close by for any queries. Without further ado:


The original idea was a very ambitious one which is why I left it on my shelf, a global world RPG where players would go into instanced environments ( Similar to Escape From Tarkov ), collect loot/do jobs, sell their stuff on the global marketplace buy/sell system ( Inspired by EVE Online) which they could then go to purchase property/turf from a global property system and get involved in that ecosystem.

All packed with the police attempting to shutdown some organizations and let others thrive depending on their allegiance to the law, would lead to some interesting and fun politics and PVP for all engaged, while those who would rather shoot stuff and get loot could easily skip it and be apart of that ecosystem instead.

Overall loved the idea, it was just far too ambitious for my first ever code project(took me 1.5 years to finally shelf it) yet I’m sure the code will be very valuable to anyone who might try and do something similar.

The Code is written with the AeroGameFramework, so all scripts are either under ServerStorage, ReplicatedStorage or StarterPlayerScripts. (MapService being the main script for the global property management if memory serves me)

There was a instance place as well, but nothing there is really better than what you can find here so I decided not to post it ( Combat was meant to be a TPS over the shoulder style like ~The Division, I’ll provide it if people really want that mess. )

Now, onto the second:

[ SCP-RTS(?) (Didn’t have a name for this one lol) ]

In my attempt to show more of what the SCP universe has to offer instead of the constant facility RP games that run around, I tried to create a MOBA/Round Based PVP game based in the universe where players would pick between various factions (Church, GOC, Serpents Hand, The Foundation and CI … With Andersons Robotics being added soon TM) and each having their own flavour and differences to allow for players to create their own strategies to win.

Victory would arise if either enough SCPs were captures by a team or enough bases were destroyed, each round being either a Capture-The-SCP with recontainment units having to go and contain them and evacuate or a Base Raid/Defense where raiders would attempt to activate the nuke in a base and destroy it or defenders fight them off.

I enjoyed this project and would have seen it to release( as you’ll soon see it is kinda almost production ready) but I let my optimism get to me, wanting it to be super competitive with roblox servers being a dice roll if you get to enjoy the game or lag to the abyss took the joy out of the project for me so here it is:


Before anyone asks, I do not own EVERY asset in here, some scripts are modules I have used (Like this matchmakingService Matchmaking Service) and some visual assets are open sourced, most of it is mine and this is my way of giving back to the community that helped me make these projects.

I hope my redbull-infused sweat code helps anyone that needs it, I’m happy to answer any questions about the code if you have any, other than that thank you and enjoy! :grinning:

EDIT: Sorry, gotta hide the goods