[Open Source] Grid Based Inventory Example

I created this as a place for others to start, for creating a grid based inventory for their game. I intentionally left the code ugly, and unoptimized to leave room for improvement for the engine itself. The clean version however, I am keeping for myself :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for this. Definitely will help out a lot of people.

hey is it possible you couldd release the clean verison? sorry for sounding like a begger, i dont know how to do inventory stuff, would be great if i can have a clean reference

The clean version is only available for commissions. I released the dirty version so at least people have a starting point for the system :slight_smile:

Hey! Thanks so much for this awesome open source! I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this for a long time. This is great!

SO I’m using this open sourced inventory thing and I trying to find out how to make a “Auto sort” feature or a feature that automatically sorts a item when it gets picked up,
This is how it looks when I spawn in. How would I go about making it sort itself when I spawn in?

That is a long and complex task. You cant simple just sort items. You will have different sizes you have to contend with. Most systems will start with the largest objects, and end with the smallest. This will let larger objects have priority, and keep the inventory clean and efficient.

how much do you charge for said version?

How much would it cost for the clean version of the Grid Based Inv?