[Open Source] HR+ Join Message

What else should I Open source?

Maybe instead of it just being a join notification it can give notifications for when someone leaves the game as well.

Yea, I am planning on making it for allys.

I might make this good for group ally’s.

So, I am working on that.

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I recommend you do not reply multiple time. Instead, try editing your first post to make it more neat :smiley:

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And a warning to you guys.
If someone tells you that they made it, it’s false.
Because Me and My friend made this.
I am seeing people calming this Join message theirs.

Well, I have made my own join notifications before this resource was created, so it is possible that other people have made their own without using your resource whatsoever.

I agree with that but the problem is.
People are plagiarising my work, and I don’t like it.
Not one bit.

When you say plagiarising, do you mean copied exactly from the OP or someone’s original code?

Copied my code.
and modified it to say it’s theirs.

And claim that they made it

I don’t see how people can plagiarize something so very simple unless you have legitimate proof? This script is one of the easiest to do ever, and you’re saying people are copying it?

Someone plagiarize the script when it was open sourced and saw it said I “co-created” it, and lied that he originally made it.


This is not a free model or anything.

If your saying the script was from @Orangedude4221 it’s not true, because he made the video after this thread was created.

Uhh He is a professional scripter why would he make that video without his own code? Plus not that hard to make the script I did the same and its the same code almost…

Man, a youtuber Ro-scripter also made a script like this.

RoScripter did it after this thread.

I remember doing something like this for a group I developed for in the past. It’s worth saying that all of this work can be done on the client, so none of it should be done on the server.

The only responsibility the server has here is to identify when a player joins, check their rank and then form data to be sent to the client over a remote. Your bottleneck, as well as unnecessary work here, comes from the network. You can cut that out with a fully client-sided solution. That means no remote and no server script. All of this work can be done by the client for a better zero network system.

In the same spirit of a rudimentary join notifier for high ranks, I whipped up a quick script in a few minutes. This should be in a LocalScript under PlayerScripts.

local Players = game:GetService("Players")
local StarterGui = game:GetService("StarterGui")

local THUMBNAIL_TYPE = Enum.ThumbnailType.HeadShot
local THUMBNAIL_SIZE = Enum.ThumbnailSize.Size420x420

local JOIN_TEXT = "%s has joined the game!"

local GROUP_ID = 0
local HR_ROLE_NUMBER = 0

local function playerAdded(player)
    if player:GetRankInGroup(GROUP_ID) >= HR_ROLE_NUMBER then
        local playerRole = player:GetRoleInGroup(GROUP_ID)
        local gotThumbnail, userThumbnail, imageReady = pcall(function ()
            return Players:GetUserThumbnailAsync(player.UserId, THUMBNAIL_TYPE, THUMBNAIL_SIZE)
        if not gotThumbnail or not imageReady then
            -- Default to Roblox account thumbnail if image fails, I guess? Optional.
            userThumbnail = "rbxthumb://type=AvatarHeadShot&id=1&w=420&h=420"

        StarterGui:SetCore("SendNotification", {
            Title = Player.Name,
            Text = JOIN_TEXT:format(playerRole),
            Icon = userThumbnail,
            Duration = NOTIFICATION_DURATION


Ok and colbert improved it? What’s your issue?