[Open Source] Laser Beam Effect

Usually, people just use a Neon material on a cylinder and call it a laser.
That can work for cartoon style games, but what if you want something more real?

Some people use a rapid fire ParticleEmitter with .LockedToPart, but that’s pretty costly since you’re making tons of particles.

So I decided to make my own, and as always, I’m giving it away. However, this is in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations and not #resources:community-resources, because it requires you to have certain lighting settings that might interfere with your game. I felt that since it isn’t easily applicable to all games, it’s just a cool creation I’m sharing and not a resource.

(Looks a tiny smidgen different than what you might end up with because I have saturation and contrast turned up a bit)

This turret’s laser uses 2 Attachments and a single Beam, with the texture being something that I scribbled in paint .net in under 60 seconds:


The key? LightEmission and BloomEffect.
That’s why I scribbled a lighter line in the center of my texture. That’s what makes it glow and pop!

Here are the Beam Properties. (I typed them up by hand so you can copy+paste instead of reading them off a screenshot. You're welcome!)
Color = 255,255,255
LightEmission = 1
LightInfluence = 0
Texture = Upload the image I gave you above
TextureLength = 19
TextureMode = Static
TextureSpeed = 15
Transparency = 0
FaceCamera = true
Segments = 1
Width0 = 1.5
Width1 = 1.5

When placed in a default Baseplate, it looks like this:

But once you add the BloomEffect to Lighting:

BloomEffect Properties
Color = 255,255,255
Intensity = 2
Size = 56
Threshold = 0.8

Most realistic style places already have a BloomEffect similar to this one, so hopefully many of you get to benefit from this!

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The beam looks awesome, you did a great job :smiley:


I really love the honesty :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:


Yup! My point was to highlight that an effect like this is more about the trial and error of tweaking settings than it is about having a fancy texture.


This looks amazing!! Keep up the amazing work!

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Looks amazing, yet so simple to do!
Sometimes I just can’t believe how simple things are, and how complicated I made them!

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