Open-Source Low Poly Assets [27+ Items]

Hey Developers,
This is one of my first #resources:community-resources posts.
I created a few Low Poly/Cartoon builds and wanted to open-source it for other developers to use!

If I forgot to anchor something please just let me know by replying to this post.

Here are a few screen-shots!


image 1 - full pack
image 2 - inside house

image 3 - close up of small items

List of items inside this pack:

  • 2 trees
  • Bridge
  • 3 Buildings
  • Fence
  • Shield
  • 7 ores/rocks
  • Fence gate
  • Axe
  • 2 bushes
  • 2 Swords
  • Hammer
  • Staff
  • Castle Wall
  • Light Post
  • Cliff
  • Large Tree
  • Boat (Can float)

Model Showcase

This image used ShadowMap lighting.

Credit is not needed, I do appreciate it though. Do not claim it as your own and/or sell these items. You also cannot use these items in your portfolio.

Model can be found here.

If I forgot anything, please reply to this post and let me know!


Not bad, looks like Fantastic Frontier a bit.


This is awesome.
You are amazing! :heart:



  • Added a fence gate
  • Added an axe
  • Added two bushes
  • Added another rock

Model can be found here.

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Amazing! I will definitely be using these today!

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I’m thinking of adding more to this pack. Any thoughts?

Try adding more weapons and a better variation of houses.

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Update 3.0!

  • Added 2 New Houses/Buildings
  • Added 2 Swords

It’s the same Model so no need for link :stuck_out_tongue:

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Update 4.0!

  • Small Castle Wall
  • Hammer
  • Staff

Still same model so no need for a link.

I really like how low-poly this is. AMAZING!

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Update 5.0!

  • Light Post
  • Cliff
  • Named all models inside pack

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Update 6.0!

  • Added ‘Large Tree’
  • Added ‘Boat’ (Can float)
  • Fixed the ‘Cliff’ model, some parts no-clipped into the back of the model.

28 items in the pack now! Hope you enjoy! (Also did some changes to the Terms Of Use stuff.)