Open Source Module for Creating Hints and Messages

A while ago, Roblox deprecated the old hints and messages, with them being succeeded by the TextLabel object, for a while now I have been continuing to use them for testing purposes, due to them being incredibly easy to use, so today I created this module that enables you to have the simplicity of Hints/Messages, but with the upside of not being deprecated.

Here is the link to it: Message Module - Roblox

To use it, you first have to require it in your script, after that you can use MessageModule.CreateMessage(text, timeUntilDeleted) or
MessageModule.CreateHint(text, timeUntilDeleted) to create the message

An example script that would work:

local MessageModule = require(script:WaitForChild("MessageModule"))


MessageModule.CreateHint("hello there", 1) --make sure to include the amount of time you want before the message gets deleted


MessageModule.CreateMessage("hello there again", 1)

One quirk with this is that once a message is created, it’s text cannot be changed easily, so I have made it uses DebrisService so that the message deletes itself after a set amount of time, the good thing about this is that DebrisService doesn’t cause scripts to yield, so you can just include a wait()after creating the message and it will look like you just changed the text.

Feel free to use this in your games, you do not need to credit me for using this.


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