[Open Source] Music System

Hello, I open-sourced a Music System that I made, and I think you may like it!
What does it do?
You can request a song, for real.

Anyone can request a song, and it will play.
This is how it works

This might be confusing but you will get thru it.

Before you fill the Configuration out if you don’t know how to make a Developer Product then go here: https://developer.roblox.com/en-us/articles/Developer-Products-In-Game-Purchases

Module [Configuration] Instructions.

return {
	['ProductId'] = 0 --Your Developer Product Id.

Model: https://www.roblox.com/library/5250431550/Music-System
When you get the module please read the disabled script.

Does this help?

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I hope this good for you!
Note: You can change the UI, but the scripts have to be changed too!


“This item is not currently for sale.”…


I don’t understand why you are stating that it’s “[Open Source]” because this is what I see…

If you are going to make an “[Open Source] Music System” you might as well allow everyone to get a copy of it right? Else what is the point of this if nobody can get it?


They probably just forgot to Allow Copying.

Yea, I can’t see the Allow Copy button so you can download this and put it in your Roblox Baseplate:
Music-System.rbxm (12.2 KB)
[Sorry for the late response & Not making it public]


Can you make a way for a whitelisted person to skip music and/or pause and resume music? I really need a system that can do that.

Yes, but explain more.
I am going to work on it, for groups and etc.

Okay, so I need people with a certain rank in my group to be able to do /pause, which stops the music. /resume, which continues it, and /skip, which moves on to next song.

Ok, I will work on that since its for the next update.

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I would also recommend copying and pasting all of the code here so people can read it and make suggestions based on the code! :slight_smile:

Ok, but can you show me how the Allow Copying on that music model?
Since I never do these models these days lol.

Ok, so go to create, find the model, click the settings button, click configure, click allow copying, and save. That’s it!

Did it work?

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I am working on the chat commands, but I will do it later.

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One problem, I don’t see the Allow copying thing.

Can you show me a screenshot?

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Well, I’m not saying your music system is bad, as I do support it being open-source for others to use. Yet, I’m not sure the UI is very readable. I’d recommend making the decreasing the window’s height, as I feel that the textbox for the sound’s sound-ID is far too large. I’d also recommend choosing a good color scheme. If your text is not readable, add a stroke at least. Overall it’s a simple, yet potentially useful system that I look forward to trying myself. :wink:

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I agree the UI is ban not to lie lol.
Even you can use it on Muisc TVS, and Music Players

This is because you need to configure it through the website. Click on create on the website, then follow the rest of the steps.