[Open Source] Napoleonic Era Maps

Hello! My names Twixxxiiii and I have 2 free maps to share with ya’ll, I am the original owner of both and have decided to release them. My reasons to releasing them are private but they do exist, anyways these maps are of decent quality but need some fixing up, your choice to do with these as you see fit.

Note: Both maps contain some free models


OpenSourceTrainingGrounds.rbxl (2.0 MB)
OpenSourceParadeGrounds.rbxl (1.2 MB)

If you need any help regarding the maps you can DM me!

EDIT: Both Games Use Adonis Admin, I Recommend Removing All The Users That Are Currently Inside Them!


Very well done maps, I like how tight everything feels with the abundance of trees. Thanks for releasing these.


No problem, hope you enjoy them :slight_smile:

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I like the realism with both of them.


This is awesome! I am very into the Napoleonic genre, appreciated.