[Open-Source] Plot System V1.0.0

I have made a basic Plot System, this has just the basic teleport to the right plot.


Start Here!

Get Model Here: Plot System - Roblox

How To Add?

  1. Import The System Into Your Game.
  2. Ungroup Into Said Locations.

Road Map

Building - 11/27/21
Saving Data - 12/25/21


Q. Where do I report bugs?
A. In the comments or DM me on discord.

Contact Info

Discord: cornholio11111 | Scripter#6948


Awesome! I’ll definitely use this in my game once you add


How does it work do you buy a plot or is it like bloxburg(I’m on my phone and can’t be able to go on my computer)

It AutoAssign’s a plot to the player

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so it basically saves the players plot thing?

atm it just AustAssign’s a plot not saving just yet


[Open-Source] Plot System V1.5.0 JUST RELEASED!

If your plot system give players a random Plot does it also respawn the players to its plot when they die?

I can’t dm you. Dm me please: NvTheDeveloper#8022