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Hi all! I’ve been working for months on copying Roblox ui style. I often had to do plugins, and I didn’t like that they visually different from the ui of studio. This ruin user experience. Also every plugin had to write their input fields, and in different projects they can conflict. So I came to the conclusion that you need to make a UI Kit that would be create.

This library allows you to create input fields, buttons and blocks in the style of Roblox Studio editor. The library helps you assemble the interface from the finished elements, immediately subscribe to the events of their functions

How use

local PluginComponents= require(game.ReplicatedStorage.PluginComponents.PluginComponents);

local Container = PluginComponents.Component.Container.New(PluginComponents.Component.Container.DesignVariant.Scroll);
.SetHeight(0, 600)

local Jumbotron = PluginComponents.Component.Jumbotron.New()
.SetButtonText("Jumbotron button")


Good autocomplete support

All functions revert to their class. This makes it easier and faster to write code.



Display of all components with example code

Other videos

The UI of this plugin only uses PluginComponent elements.

Example PluginComponents - YouTube

PluginFramework Easy creation of ContextMenu

[PluginFramework] Easy creation of ContextMenu - YouTube

PluginFramework Ready-made settings window for your plug-in.

[PluginFramework] Ready-made settings window for your plug-in. - YouTube

Change log


-The Modal component has been added. This is a great thing! You drive a message to the plugin screen and block actions in the background of the plugin.
-Added under Modal -Input component. Allows you to display a window with input. You can enter into it objects, text, numbers.
Added under input Object component. Allows the plugin to select an object from Explorer


Added Table component
Added Alert component
Added ContextMenu component. This is a wrapper for the built-in menu plugin. Plus bug fixes for roblox context menu with repeating indifiers
Fixed spelling bugs.


Added Object field type
Fixed some spelling errors
Container now sets new LaoutOrder components by itself
Documentation for extensions added
Now you can create custom components based on BaseComponent


It is best to use PluginFramework straight away. It already has all the components built in. It allows you to create your first plug-in in 5 minutes. With a bloblocks design. A settings window. And other bonuses.
Demo: PluginFramework - Roblox


hey, I added it to the floating plugin window, and now it looks like this:

the options are there, just no text