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[NEW] Take a copy of most models in this hub I made!

I have created this topic to take many of my open-source projects and open them to the public. Most of these projects were made 100% within Roblox - meaning any UI releases are usually completely editable.


Material Design Textbox

Get it here:

Game UI 2 (added shadow)


Get it here: GameUI2.rbxm (6.8 KB)

Game UI

Get it here: GameUI.rbxm (9.1 KB)

Browser UI

bbb bbbb

Get it here:

Basic Game UIs (Design)
This project includes a play, shop and friends menu

BasicUIsDesign.rbxm (9.4 KB)

Enhanced Textbox
A modern textbox based off of Google Material

EnhancedTextbox.rbxm (6.5 KB)

Admin Panel (Design)
Administration panel with a modern design
AdminPanel.rbxm (9.4 KB)
This was all created based off of material, topbar was inspired by CheckMeIn by @wind_o (I’ll gladly change if needed)

Ordering System (Design)

ordersys.rbxm (15.0 KB)

Custom Player List by @patch!

PlrList.rbxl (24.8 KB)

Hope you guys enjoy! Feel free to post bugs below.

User Interface | 60,000R$ group payout
User Interface | 60,000R$ group payout
Profess_ional | UI Designer

I may well need an admin panel soon, too. Thanks!


Love the animations! Great work. I’m definitely going to tinker with these and see what I else I can do with them.


I’ll find these really useful for a project of mine! Nice job on the material UI!


It would be better, unless the style of UI was designed by someone else. Please do not use others design and then publish it to public as: “I have created …”.

I am talking here about the Administration panel.
Consider this what I said + person you copied from.


I recommend privately flagging any content that you believe to break the rules (which include claiming others’ work as your own), instead of posting publicly. This way, the moderation team can deal with the possible infringement quickly, efficiently, and privately. :smile:


Yeah, credited Windo (I thought I included credits in the original post)


I don’t want to flag it/create a drama. It’s not the point of making previous post. But let’s be more… true to developers and their hard work. :wink:


Nice work with the UI.

It seem the Unban is missing in the Admin Panel. But I’ll add that myself.


There is some very nice UI here, nice job!


Yeah, really should’ve added that but the original concept was that when you insert the target player, if the player’s already banned, the button text is “unban”.


May be off-topic, but what is the texture you use for your baseplate? I see a lot of other users using textures similar as well.


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BetterBaseplate by DutchDeveloper


The basic game UI looks nice and simple. I feel like some games clutter it to much. I might use a similar design for my game.


have you considered looking into Roact for developing UI? this allows you to split your UI down into separate components which you can easily share and reuse


Yeah I was considering it, but I wanted to give developers a physical instance to mess around with.


Thank you!


Try typing “Textured Grid” in toolbox. I use the smooth one.


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