[Open Source] Ragdoll Death with particle - Dash ability with particles and Billboard

Hello developers, its my first community resources post!

  • I made this for my old project but im working on another game right now
    so I decided to open source this
    note “sorry for about my english”

[Open Source] Ragdoll Death with particle - Dash ability with particles - Billboard - YouTube

If you want to test it in the game: Testing Ragdoll Death - Roblox

Download:OpenSource.rbxl (40.9 KB)

-You need to know:

-Only dash particles re FD
-Keep the ragdoll and nametag scripts in serverscriptservice
-If you want give me credits :smiley: (but i dont care)
-Particles can change too easy

Have a nice day! :wink:


Perfect. Needed something like this! Thank you, Dev!! You’re awesome :sparkles:


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Wow, this looks really useful for games!

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Also just a tip for the game, it’s not opened to visitors; “The permission levels on this place prevent you from entering.” and it may be worth uncopylocking it if that’s what you wish for people. So they can just get it from there as well. :slight_smile:

Other than that, it looks super clean, well done!

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Done, thanks for reply! :smiley:

This is pretty cool.
I checked out the scripts and the Ragdool one can be improved. I replaced the code of Ragdool with this:

local players = game:GetService("Players")

	    script.RagdollClient:Clone().Parent = char
		    script.RagdollClient:Clone().Parent = char

I think this is more performant cause you don’t get all the child in the workspace that could be thousants and then check that every child has a humanoid. Instead jsut get the players with the Players service, get the character and past the script there.

Sorry for bad english.
EDIT: I don’t know why I put the wait(0.1), just delete it.
EDIT 2: I realized that the ragdool doesn’t work when you die multiple times, fixed.

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Looks really good! I hadn’t thought of that.:smile:

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