Open-Source Realistic Lighting/Grass Showcase

I’ve created… well, Recreated this scenery after watching Art B’s “Grass PBR with FIB 3” video and decided to make it open-source so anyone can mess around with it and learn how the effect was made!

Well, this is more of a Lighting Showcase as the trickiest part is getting the properties of ‘Lighting’ correct (Depending of the time of day, Skybox, atmosphere etc…)
No, it isn’t a 100% Replica, i just wanted to test my skills and after i saw lots of comments from people who didn’t know how to do it either and wanted to see how it was done, i decided to make it Open-Source! :slightly_smiling_face:




His version is denser and has more stuff, such as Bushes and areas with smaller grass, but i think i got it very close to the original


- Hot Light at Night

- Cloudy Settings

- Sunset Settings

- Day Settings


  • DO NOT USE THE GRASS FOR ACTUAL GAME, That many meshes will REALLY lag your game.

Play and Download here:


Nice job! This grass is quite realistic. However, I think the textures could be at a higher resolution.
I don’t see the reason why we can’t use this in an actual game:
Turn DoubleSided off for all meshes, it still looks okay.

Well, for that small Area, there are about 300 meshes sooo, i still don’t recommend it

This is really cool! It looks very good. Nice job!

Maybe if you made it only render the grass that is within a certain area around the player it would lag less. Or maybe at the very least make the grass that is far away a lower quality? That is what the built in Roblox grass does for optimization.

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Well, i could use Roblox’s automatic Level-Of-Detail but since the mesh is already so simple, it wouldn’t change much, and currently i don’t know a way to make an actual LOD system, last time i tried, the game got even laggier

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