[Open Source] RoBeats (Rhythm Game) Custom Server Template

Are you a fan of rhythm games and want to make your own on Roblox?
We’re open-sourcing our rhythm game engine with tools and additional code to make it easy!

Check out this Un-copylocked place!





  • 100% Free and open source to do anything you want with.
  • Polished game engine that tons of players are familiar with.
  • Includes code/menus for browsing song selection.
  • Includes datastore code for saving settings and viewing recent plays - zero setup!
  • Includes an easy one-step hook to start selling your game pass (and get paid for your work!!).


Like Rojo? Use it!

A community-made video on how to get started (a bit out of date, but most stuff still applies).

Success stories:

There are a bunch of popular youtube videos playing games made with this template:

Let me know if you use this stuff (or find it helpful for learning). Cheers!


The big city, the place- wait this isn’t the city, this is an open source!

Jokes aside, I can’t wait to see what will happen when a lot more people try to create custom servers, it will be a blast!


Oo, that really is an awesome game, so cool for you to open source it!

Omg I just spend like 2 weeks making my own engine and then I see this ;-;

Still amazing either way tho, you’re like the best developer ever

Been playing the game as a sort of way of filling up empty time
Happy to see an easy way to manipulate, change and really create something similar to Robeats!
I’ll definitely mess around with it and have some fun!

Great to see something like this happening, it could learn people about how this game was made, and how they could get inspired to make something perhaps alike.


Very good way for people who don’t have a lot of songs in the actual game to try and make their own maps and be able to play them like it’s the actual game. Interested to see how people experiment with this!

The yellow things look like burgers. :hamburger:

Its cool to see that making custom maps is now more open sourced than ever. You should also link a tutorial on how to make a osu song thing.

Exists! Made by the community (this one’s from 1+ year ago, but most of the stuff should still apply).

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