Open Source Script for Random Tool Distribution

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Have you ever considered adding a touch of unpredictability to your game by offering random weapons to a specific team? I have, and that’s why I’m introducing our open-source script.

Why I Decided to Open Source It:

So, what’s the backstory? Well, I noticed a lack of discussion around this particular style of tool giving in the Roblox development community. While it might seem straightforward to some, I remember how it felt when I first started coding in LUAU. I wanted to help out anyone who’s just dipping their toes into the world of game development, scripting, or Roblox in general.

I believe in making game development accessible to everyone, whether you’re a experienced developer or a complete newbie. That’s why we’ve open-sourced this script. It’s our way of giving back to the community and making it easier for others to add some fun and unpredictability to their games.


-- Reference to the ServerStorage
local ServerStorage = game:GetService("ServerStorage")

-- Reference to the Team Service
local Teams = game:GetService("Teams")

-- Reference to OPFOR
local opforTeam = Teams:FindFirstChild("OPFOR") -- Replace "OPFOR" with the actual name of your team

-- Function to give a random weapon from ServerStorage to a player on OPFOR
local function giveRandomWeapon(player)
    local weaponsFolder = ServerStorage:FindFirstChild("OpforWeapons") -- Replace with the actual name of your folder
    if not weaponsFolder then
        warn("OpforWeapons folder not found in ServerStorage.")

    -- Define the probabilities for each weapon
    local weaponProbabilities = {
        {name = "Tool1", chance = 0.4},
        {name = "Tool2", chance = 0.3},
        {name = "Tool2", chance = 0.2},
        {name = "EpicRareTool!", chance = 0.1},

    -- Select a random weapon based on the probabilities
    local randomValue = math.random()
    local selectedWeapon = nil

    for _, weaponInfo in ipairs(weaponProbabilities) do
        if randomValue <= weaponInfo.chance then
            selectedWeapon =
            randomValue = randomValue - weaponInfo.chance

    if not selectedWeapon then
        -- If no weapon is selected, choose the last weapon (fallback)
        selectedWeapon = weaponProbabilities[#weaponProbabilities].name

    -- Find the selected weapon by name
    local selectedWeaponModel = weaponsFolder:FindFirstChild(selectedWeapon)

    if not selectedWeaponModel then
        warn("Selected weapon not found in OpforWeapons folder.")

    -- Clone the weapon and put it in the player's backpack
    local weaponClone = selectedWeaponModel:Clone()
    weaponClone.Parent = player.Backpack

-- Connect the function to player spawning
        if player.Team == opforTeam then

How to Use the Script:

  1. Copy the Script: You can find the script above this.
  2. Insert the Script into Your Game:
  • Open your game in Roblox Studio.
  • Locate the “Server Script Service” in the Explorer panel. If it doesn’t exist, create it under Workspace.
  • Right-click on the “Server Script Service” and choose “Insert Object” > “Script.”
  • Open the script by double-clicking on it.
  1. Configure the Script:
  • Replace "OPFOR" with the name of the team you want to distribute weapons to (e.g., "Team2").
  • Modify "OpforWeapons" with the name of the folder in ServerStorage that contains the weapons you want to distribute.
  1. Define Weapon Probabilities (Optional):
  • By default, the script is set up to provide the “Tool1” and “Tool2” with higher probabilities. You can adjust the probabilities for specific weapons as needed.
  1. Publish Your Game:
  • Save your game and publish it for players to enjoy the new weapon distribution system.

Important Note: The script is open source and available for everyone to use, modify, and customize as they see fit. Whether you’re a experienced developer or just starting out, you can access the script for free and adapt it to your game’s unique needs. (Credits are appreciated)


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