Open Source Wave based game


So for those who’s already following one of the game i created as a fanmade and wanted to start with how wave based games are made, I decided to open this game just for anyone looking how you can implement a simple wave based game along with NPC, now this isn’t specifically made for beginners as there’s some advanced things introduced like OOP and some game handler.

and there might be some unused code or flawed structure in the file, you can delete and adjust to how you like it but be sure to check if it affects the gameplay handler as i haven’t been checking inside the game for weeks, and with this one i will not update the place file to make it the same as my current dev build game, changes may look different.

Keep in mind that this is not 100% a really fixed version of the game, bugs occur such as ragdolls, NPC, and pathfinding, none of the script had comments telling how things work so you’re required to learn from the basic first.

If i feel like i’m interested in this game, i’ll consider coming back to this once but it isn’t my type at this moment since i ran out of ideas, currently on a silly football game.

dvn_main_game_OSS.rbxl (5.2 MB)


Upon checking source code, you may notice these oddly weird looking variable names that i’ve mostly used in my game, I don’t really like following the format style as it gets pretty overrated but there are reasons i use snake_case for this

  • Spacing is not possible when naming variables, in order to simulate space i added underscore for each names
  • Sometimes i get confused with Properties, having them snake_case clears confusion if they’re assigned to properties or variable

also there are some unused lines which is useless, feel free to delete it when you can

OOP is used for NPC, States only, if you’re unfamiliar with this concept of coding please refer to All about Object Oriented Programming as they provide how things work in OOP, The reason i didn’t use OOP fully on the game is because it’s meant to show how round system works in a simplified ways and how it’s created, if these are all wrote in OOP it may look awfully pain for most newbie to experiment with a game once learned through the basics.

You’re also on your own to upload some audios or replace it as Roblox doesn’t allow me to open them publicly, if there’s changes to audio privacy i’ll update to be public when possible.


The gameplay can be seen here! Currently it is a pre-alpha


  • denispionicul for his Cooldown and FSM module states
  • Sensei_Developer for public game assets
  • sleitnick for his ported CameraShake module
  • thienbao2109 for polished FE Gun kit and knife kit ( my fav <3 )
  • Grayzcale for Pathfinding module

Thank you so much! It’s gonna help me so much on my project!