Open source wordle game

Hey there!
For a few days i’ve been scripting a clone of Wordle - The New York Times on roblox
I thought about publishing it, but later decided to put it out here, since I’ve never contributed anything to the community.

Before you read further, please play and understand the original one, otherwise i’ll be making no sense here.

Now, although this works, it isnt optimized too well, here’s why I say that:

  1. There’s about 350 lines of un-optimized code in a single script, it manages all the client side events and functions.
  2. Im not using a word generating API or such, im using an array of words, from which a random word is picked out.
  3. I do use a word verification API, although its quite slow, it does the job though.

Starting from the GUI, to every script that you will need for this, exists in the file that I will attach below, but obviously there can be a mass amount of improvements added to this.

File: Wordle.rbxl (53.7 KB)

If you have absolutely any code improvements to this, please add them below as it would help a lot of people in the future to not read through 350 lines of code.

Feel free to publish this as your own, add changes and improvements to it, and send me the link below, as i would love to see what you guys have done with it.

Hope this helped you, or at least seemed interesting to you, ill try to make new projects which are optimized well…

Till then :wave:

Also, a small addition to this, here’s an icon for you:


I spent couple of hours trying to recreate it, and well… I don’t think my code is the best since i was just going for the working game and not really trying to make it optimized. I did use some bits of your code but for the most part I wrote shorter code. Also, I made it server based so exploiters cant cheat easily!
wordle.rbxl (43.8 KB)
Here’s my code if anyone wants to have a look, you’re free to use it if you want but id recommend optimizing it first. Also I implemented it in one of my games and made it multiplayer (tho for now its implementation isn’t the best).


Looks cool. The Wordle site has an array of all of the answers in order, along with all possible guesses one can make. You could use those 2 arrays instead of needing to make your own.


This is so cool everyone! Really amazing job I really love it.