[Open Sourced] AugA1 Animations

Hello! Its me again, once again and back at it again, Giving out free viewmodel animations towards this community!

Q: Whats this gun?
A: AugA1

Q: File?
A: OS_AUG.rbxm (22.3 KB)

Q: Showcase? (Sorry for the intersellar theme, i was listening to it)

Please Prove me with honest feedback so i can improve animations wise!


Version 0.0.2


Really like this, not sure if I’m gonna use it but keep up the good work :grinning:

A little off topic

(by the way, no problem with interstellar music, I love it and I’m happy I’m not the only one who likes listenging to it)
Please don’t flag me for this

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I’ll give my biggest thanks and mercis towards you!
And for being off topic, thats completely fine! Happy to know you listen to it as well.

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Pretty good. They could use a bit more movement on the parts like the mag out (the right arm just stays in place).

also the interstellar music :smiling_face_with_tear:


Yep! I just noticed it needs alittle bit of work, If i am ever free, i’ll update it and upload it here.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hello! I’ve fixed the reloading as you all request!

OS_AUG(FixedReload).rbxm (23.1 KB)

Where is the revamp?


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