[Open-Sourced] Modern GUIs Pack

Hello there, Developers!

Here are some basic Modern GUIs I made in few hours today and decided to release them.
You are absolutely allowed to use them in your games without crediting me, but doing it would be really appreciated!

Featured GUIs:

  • Search GUI
  • Settings GUI
  • Shop GUI

Here’s a screenshot of those GUIs:

And here’s the file: Modern UIs Pack.rbxm (24.6 KB)

Also, I wanted to credit creator of the toggle buttons, @Sorbious, it really helped me out so here goes a big thank from me.


They look amazing :slight_smile: Are they fully scripted as well? No pun intended

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Sorry, but they aren’t. Only the toggle button is scripted.

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I don’t get the pun. Anyways nice pack.