Open Sourced - Vibe Commands System

Vibe Commands System V1 Has Arrived!
This is a simple command system made by myself, mainly for vibe games on roblox. I would love to help you guys out by giving you this module.

System Commands

  • unheadless
  • commands
  • headless
  • korblox
  • respawn
  • refresh
  • sshf
  • cmds


  • Set the prefix in the main script.
  • Default prefix is set to @
  • View any commands scripting below the configuration.


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Find any bugs or issues? :thinking:
Let me know by replying to this post…


Hey, looks like a cool project!
Small word of advice to you, try to make command modular!

Doing this will result in a monolithic code structure which will become hard and hard to maintain and after hundreds of command will start to slow down the syntax highlighter and Studio.
It is best to design every command modular (in ModuleScripts) to aid in maintainability and sustainability! (Trust me, you will thank me later :wink:)