[OPEN] Souris' Planks | Giving 5%-10% on single-effort

Souris’ Planks

(not the final name)
Planks are competitive games in which players can 1v1 or team battle. This game has good tech so far and it just needs decent maps to match its style.

About The Job

I am looking for a competent builder that is able to deliver a decent quality of work. I am mainly looking for a futuristic or dystopian style for the new maps within the game.

Example of what we are looking for

We would only need one map for now but we would like to expand the number of maps in the future as we gain more players.


I am willing to give out a % from 5-10 (based on quality or commitment). You can also ask for other payments if you wish. We are wanting to give % instead of payment because we are willing to put the rest in advertisements or community-based awards. You can settle for a one-time payment after the game has released as well.


You can contact me via Discord @ thatsouris#8494. You can also contact me on Twitter @thatsourisRBX.


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