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DavidNet22's Translator portfolio

About Me

Hi there! I’m DavidNet22 and this is my translator portfolio! I’m a kinda known artist by now and wanted to also explore this area of development, I’m a native speaker and I’ve been learning English almost my entire life, allowing me to say that I’m your best option. I always focus on my service at you and always try to do things on time, so expect me to be highly dedicated to my work.

If you want to see my artist portfolio click here.

Why do you need a Latin Spanish translator?

If you check out this topic, you’ll see that in almost all top “10 countries by gameplay” lists Mexico appears. By translating your game you are opening the doors to a whole new community and attracting thousands of new players to it. It is an opportunity to increase your MAU.

Spanish is also the 4th most spoken language on the world [accordingly to this graph], which almost guarantee an extremely big player base just by localizing your game!(• The most spoken languages worldwide 2022 | Statista)

Why me?

Latin Spanish is pretty different to Spain’s, and Spain appears nowhere on the lists. I’m Mexican and I have an excellent domain of English. I’ve been practicing my writing, pronunciation and understanding skills and I I’m able to say that I’m your best option, I’m extremly compromised with my work and always make an effort to deliver your commission on time. I’m really dedicated to my work.


Here are some examples of my abilities


|Wow! You got the Aquamarine Sword! Congratulations! You've won 55+ EXP and the badge "Great adventure!". Keep it up and never stop doing such an amazing job!|


|¡Wow! Has obtenido la Espada Aquamarina. ¡Felicidades! Has ganado 55+ de EXP y la medalla "Una gran aventura". ¡Sigue así y nunca dejes de hacer tan magnífico trabajo!|

Recently I also started working (with other people) on the translation for a game called Exponential Idle (out of Roblox). The game have over 100k downloads!


I am available almost everyday and you can send me message any time. My time zone is CDT (GMT+5) so I probably will going to take some time to answer


Prices are negotiable, but my only payment method is :robux: and it starts at 50+ per string.
For full games translations, description and title for free (if required).


You can contact me:

  • Here on the Developer Forum
  • Via Twitter at: @DvdRBLX.
  • I’m also open for Discord at Dvd#8727

  • I do not accept any commission if you’re being rude when asking for it.
  • I will ask for a 20% payment when I accept the job and receive the rest when I finish your commission.
  • Prices are negotiable, but I do not do any free or extremely cheap works under my reference prices. Every work I do have its own effort and dedication.
  • Extra correction have an extra price.
  • I have the right to decline your commission
  • I require some sort of credit on the description of your game, in-game or on the group. (May be just 1 of the three mentioned)

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


DavidNet22 is a great translator to work with , I’m glad to work with him. Good skills and communication! Highly recommend!