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Blade Masters

I really hate to do this, but I relize now I must. I am a passionate roblox builder. During the Covid-19 Pandemic I started building a game, and build a game I did. The map is complete , the tools, and accessories are in progress. I have a logo, gfx lined up, and thought I could publish my game soon, but now I realize that might never happen unless I hire a scripter. I’m here today to ask for a scripter to partner with me on finishing my simulator game.

For this position you will be scripting the usual simulator systems. This includes, but is not limited to, Pet Hatching System, DataStore, Rank system, Quest System, Teleporters, Dev Products, Shop UI, and many more game system. Except to be constantly creating new things.


  • Be able to script almost anything with ease. Very Experienced.
  • Be able to answer questions throughout the day.
  • Preferred you live in the U.S
  • Have discord for communication
  • Preferred 17 years or younger

You will get 50% of games revenue, as I’m highly confident game will do well. Though if it fails, after trying to start the game. I will be paying as compensation, NOTE: If you actually coded well!, $150 dollars US as severance. I do hope though this does not happen to be the case.

Below are in game images of the map.

Game Images

Uploading: RobloxScreenShot20200703_235517427.png…

Uploading: RobloxScreenShot20200703_235620208.png…

More details upon request.
Must be 13 years or older to apply.

If interested message me here on the forum or on discord at Plethoa#9971
I look forward to seeing your applications good luck!


Hello, @Plethoa I am a programmer so if you need me please contact me in the Developer Forum or on discord: BanLloKei#1784 so give me a text and we can talk hope to hear from you and if you need my portfolio here iBandit37’s Portfolio! :wink:

Have a great rest of your day!

I would love to help! And i fit all of your requirements!

I can script just about anything you need me to!

I am available 12am - 2am est

Yup i live in the U.S

I do and here it is: Microwave#3147

Yup im 13 haha just the minimum…

You game seems like it has honest potential! I would love to help! If what i said above wasnt enough here is my portfolio! I already went ahead and sent out a friend request… Hope to hear from you very soon!

This is reasonable.

But why the heck would you want 17 years or younger? That’s pretty sus not gonna lie. Are you afraid of something (which is reasonable,) or do you have ulterior motives?

He is probably around 15 and doesnt want to have some 25 yr old as a dev is my guess…

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Honestly I believe I am most suited to the job I can script everything there and more even in other languages. I sent you a request @badle#5065 and my portfolio: https://badles-game-design-portfolio.webnode.com

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Ummm no nothing that serious, its just I am in my teens and would perfer not to work with an adault, someone my age would be perferable.

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