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Blade Masters

I really hate to do this, but I realize now I must. I am a passionate roblox builder. During the Covid-19 Pandemic I started building a game, and build a game I did. The map is complete , the tools are all finished, we have a 100 detailed pets, and I thought I could publish my game soon, but now I realize that might never happen unless I hire a scripter. I’m here today to ask for a scripter to partner with me on finishing my simulator game.

For this position you will be scripting the usual simulator systems. This includes, but is not limited to, Pet Hatching System, DataStore, Rank system, Quest System, Teleporters, Dev Products, Shop UI, and many more game system. Except to be constantly creating new things.


  • Be able to script almost anything with ease. Very Experienced.
  • Be able to answer questions throughout the day.
  • Preferred you live in the U.S
  • Have discord for communication
  • Preferred 17 years or younger

You will get 50% of games revenue, as I’m highly confident game will do well. Though if it fails, after trying to start the game. I will be paying as compensation, NOTE: If you actually coded well!

Below are in game images of the map.

Game Images

Uploading: RobloxScreenShot20200703_235517427.png…

Uploading: RobloxScreenShot20200703_235620208.png…

More details upon request.
Must be 13 years or older to apply.

If interested message me here on the forum or on discord at Plethoa#9971
I look forward to seeing your applications good luck!


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I must say, it is a good idea.

But unless you have a exact amount for a backup payment, I assure you no one will give you there programming skills just for the game to be a flop.

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Im not the most experienced but i can script alot of this stuff im sure, but that age requirement of 17 or younger is really weird lmao

I can do everything you listed and my discord tag is Infrar#3439

I’m a Scripter, no discord please message me on forum, Job as a Scripter

Also the payment could be 20 - 30%.

It is preferred because I am 14 and don’t want to be working with a 30-year-old, though, I can definitely work with someone older than 17.

I highly doubt my game will be a flop. And I don’t just say that. Thank you for your opinion though.

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