[OPEN STILL!] Frizzled Bakery! Hiring for a Lead Programmer!

Who are we? Frizzled Bakery!

Wondering who we are? We’re a Bakery group with over 1080+ members! We strive to provide the best customer service and games. This group is owned by @Aqusteus, myself as a Chief Executive Officer & Founder!

Contact Information

If you are interested, please DM Aqusteus#0001. Once you DMed him, he will provide you with the tasks and more information on payment if we decide to hire you we will DM you back with a confidential corporate server that you will be needed to join. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

About The Job

We’re looking for a professional and fast working Programmer You must of decent User Interface(s) skills. As Head Of Development, you will be hiring any extra developers that you want to work alongside with you but the partner will be paid less. You will be working on our Version One; bakery cafe. You will have a choice to leave or stay during our Version Two & Three projects. You will get paid higher amounts each version. Also this was started by another developer meaning you can fix it or restart if you restart you are getting an $80-115 USD payment if you fix we are talking around $20-80 since it’s pretty much done just need to add stuff and fix stuff. But may give more as you will be scripting the whole game!

We ask you to be active and respectful to our members here at Frizzled. Your due date is at the end of March and will be paid halfway through the project.

Everything that will be listed below will be worked with “E” button or a click GUI for UIs but when making food it will work with “E” button thank you!

We also have Baker and Cashier ranks mainly Bakers use the baking system and cashiers use the Cashier + Ordering system more information down below.

What is needed to be scripted in Version One?

Cashier System + Ordering System + Baking System
Take note, the baking system is worked with “E” button! But please be sure to make it mobile compatible. GUIs are not included for “E”.

Cashier System:
So, Cashiers sign in to the register, once they click “sign-in” they will be able to gain points every minute. If they have a bonus game pass they will be able to get more points per min.

Ordering System:
There will be a button and you will click “Take Order” then an on-screen GUI will pop up. Asking for the customers’ username. When they type the user name they will click “Enter”, then another GUI pops up showing cake pops, muffins, cupcakes, etc. They will first select the batter choice vanilla or chocolate. After they will pick the flavor, at the side it will say current orders, the limit is 3 orders. Once they finish putting there order in they will click submit. When they get into the baking room they will see a pop up on-screen GUI order board when they walk through the baker door.

Baking System:
After they see the GUI they will have a choice to claim the order. When they click Claim it will show on the side of there screen on what they need to make. This is where we have ovens, sprinkles, batter, etc. They will make it and if they mess up they can click, “restart” order then their current item will be removed and they will finish. Once they finished it will still be in the tray but they will go to the side of there screen and click, “Complete” once they click that it will show up in the customer inventory.

Fix up Drink System
We have a drink system that also works with the “E” button. It is scripted but needs fixing.

GUIs, shop, twitter codes, etc.
We also are in need of GUIs which is why we expect you to have decent ui design experience that are cartoony. Use your ideas. :slight_smile: Freelance.


Due to our budget, we are using PayPal as our payment method. We are paying a total of $80-115 a full payment, during the project with a %10 percentage as long as you stay here at Frizzled. depending on how skilled you are. The payment may be discussed but this is our final total as of now.


You must be 13 or older to apply!
You also must be able to voicechat on discord.

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Hey I would be interested but the thing is that I could complete just a part of the tasks, but if you still need me for UI Design or maybe some programming here is my portofolio: DaffyDavinko Roblox Developer

I would be willing to take on the tasks | Scripter | kingerman88
you can contact me here on the devforum or at kingerman88#4735 on discord

Greetings, DM me on discord. Aqusteus#0001.

Would you mind DMing me? My discord never lets me find new people for some odd reason.

I have sent you a friend request

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