[OPEN] SUBMINERS - Advanced Scripter [250k-300k] + [40%]



We are Ocean Digital, a small upcoming game development team. We are currently looking for an advanced scripter to help us with out with a submarine-mining-game.

The game is already 60% finished in terms of scripting, the most complicated parts have been completed.
But, we are looking for a second advanced scripter to make this game even better!
You will be working alongside our current scripter, @soulstyce.

The Team
@caratts - Builder and investor
@soulstyce - Scripter
@uhmtex - Advisor


In this game, the player dive with a submarine to mine ores below the surface. Those ores will increase in value as you dive deeper.
By selling ores on the surface you will be able to purchase better and faster submarines, and dock upgrades.


Most parts of the modelling work has been finished.

A render by @i5k

What has already been finished:

  1. Diving mechanics for the submarines and divers
  2. Dock upgrades (such as mining drones)
  3. Ore spawning
  4. Ore selling
  5. Currency
  6. Submarine spawning


We expect that you:

  1. Should be able to proceed on the work that has already been scripted.
  2. Should be able to work with OOP
  3. Should be able to work with module scripts
  4. Should have knowledge about animating models and rigs (fish and diving suits)
  5. Should have knowledge about datastores
  6. Should be able to debug
  7. Should be able to script and design UI (or just a very simple and placement holder UI)
  8. Should be able to spend time on this game, atleast around 4 days/week.
  9. Should have a good portfolio, or enough work to show in order to prove us that he/she is advanced.
  10. Should be passionate about game development!
  • You must be 13 years or older to apply.
  • Note that this might be a long-term project.


I am willing to pay between 250k - 300k robux through group funds, which you will be able to devex, and I also offer 40% of the earnings on top of the robux payment.
I do not mind to pay a non-refundable deposit upfront, as soon as you start making progress and if you are showing that you are dedicated to finish this game.

Payment is still negotiable, I can pay more if needed.


Developer Forum: @caratts
Discord: Caratts#1000
Twitter: https://twitter.com/24Caratts
Roblox group: Ocean Digital - Roblox

Thank you for reading! :slight_smile:

PS: Feel free to share this post with anyone who might be interested, and let me know if I forgot to add any important information to this post.


Wow! Very cool game, when will it be out? I would really like to play it. It looks so interesting!

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Hello, I am interested in this project, please add me on Discord; supercookie#3984
I will be able to send my portfolio on there.

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Contacted you on discord, my tag is nick#2007

Portfolio: [OPEN] | nickglazed’s Portfolio | Scripting Portfolio


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I’m a Builder. Extremely nice work and I wish Ocean Digital the best. Incredible work. Can’t wait to see the game excel.

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Good afternoon,

First off, the game is beautiful, your modeler did an amazing job. My one suggestion is fixing the bland lighting with something unique.

I can help with that, here is my portfolio in case you are interested:


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