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Greetings from the development team of AE Corporation, an upcoming ROBLOX gun superclan set in a dark and dystopian future. The AE Corporation strives to produce a skilled and close community of amateur and veteran soldiers. As a team, the AE Team are working hard at producing high-quality games that satisfy and improve all members of the clan community with advanced technology and dignified leadership.

What we’re looking for.
Currently, the AE Team are looking for a small dose of high-quality assets to fill the needs of our current game-in-development: Dry Dam. Dry Dam will be the first publicly released AE game featuring a large-scale map with rewarding objectives, draw-dropping details and secrets.


Hiring Developers:
Creative Director, Founder and Builder: @baegis
Co-Creative Director/Founder: @Exaegis
Primary Scripter: @HIRED
Secondary Scripter: @notcurrentlyhiring
Modeler: @notcurrentlyhiring
Uniform Designer: @couldbeyou <--------------------------CURRENTLY HIRING
Sound Designer: @notcurrentlyhiring

Required traits:

  • Must be 16 years old or above.
  • Must be able to work well in a team.
  • Must have 2+ years of experience on the platform.
  • Must display a thorough portfolio.
  • Must meet the required deadlines.


Jobs needed:

The scripter will be connecting the points that eventually makes the AC Corporation dream into a reality.

  • Two functioning keycard operated doors with varying clearances. Sound and other details must be integrated. Door model(s) will be provided.

Payment: 1,200R$ for the completed requests. Payment can be discussed.

-Uniform Designer:
The Uniform Designer will be creating the very clothing that the AC Corp will dress in throughout their conquest.

  • 3 mid-detail rank specific uniforms that comply with the group’s futuristic yet grounded theme. (Further details will be provided once hired.)

Payment: 500R$ for the completed batch. Payment can be discussed.

Payment Schemes:
Here, the AC Team value the concept of fair monetary compensation. (FMC). This is why we offer two diverse payment schemes to provide our employees with the wage they deserve.
This section is extremely important, so PLEASE read both options.

AC Team Affiliation Plan

If, once the commission are complete, you can choose to join the AC Team (The group that is in charge of all of the AC Corporation’s game development) with the following benefits:

  • Automatic promotion to a rank with authority within the AC Corporation.
  • 3-5% equity of ALL future AC Corporation games that you have been involved in.
  • Automatic developmental access and involvement in future AC Corporation games and projects..
  • Access to the AC Team official discord.
  • Access to the official AC Team division.
  • In-game benefits beyond credit.

HOWEVER, if you choose this scheme you will only be paid 60% of the original commission value in exchange for these benefits.

Pay-Per-Asset Plan

This is your average payment scheme for most commissions.
You will be paid a flat amount of either ROBUX via group funds or GBP equivalent through PayPal after the job has been completed. The choice is yours. However, we cannot guarantee any future involvement in the AC Corporation’s dev team. Furthermore, your work will be given credit in the game.

Apply for the job!
Thank you for taking interest in the future activities of the AC Corporation and AC Team alike, if you wish to apply for any of the avaliable positions, please contact us on the following platform:

Discord: thorn#6569 (Creative Director and Founder)
Discord: Nathan#5981 (Co-founder and Co-Creative Director)
ROBLOX: Baegis (to DM me, follow my profile.)

If you want to follow the development of the AC Corporation, join the official AC Corporation discord:

Discord server: Discord

Thanks for reading!

Authority. Enforcement.

Signed Baegis (Founder, Creative Director.)
Signed Exaegis (Co-Founder, Co-Creative Director.)

hey i’m interessed emm oh let me send discord re

Sure, just send a friend request on Discord or Roblox.

Why so many required traits for a 2-3 day job max? If I were to hire a full time developer, then it’d be important. I was interested in the job until I saw 2 things,

I personally am in EST, I do have discord but I am not able to voice chat. These 2 factors has never hindered my workflow at all. I’ve done well over 100k worth of commissions, several being in the UK or the Netherlands.

If you change your mind, add me on discord at 12904#1757.

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Must be in GMT is an oddball requirement when it’s not like you have officer hours.

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In my past experience I, personally, have found it somewhat difficult to communicate with someone in a different time-zone. However, I am open-minded when it comes to these things and am willing to make an exception if quality results can be produced.

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