[Open] Swaneki's Portfolio | UI Animator & UI Designer


closed, not accepting commissions atm. i’m unable to change the current status of the title, hence the typo [open].



Age 15, name’s Swaneki. I specialize in Programming (1 year), UI Designing (9 months) & Animating (2 months) and still longing to improvise in all of the mentioned fields. I now lead a development team known as NEKI notable for developing RE:Fencing.

I offer my services as a UI Animator & UI Designer. My aim for every UI I make is to ensure its functionality, compatibility and overall look of the UI, matching the game’s design concept. I can associate with some certain UI Styles and hone my skills further through progression. UI styles and techniques I’m unfamiliar with takes me a few weeks to learn, and especially helps me grow more experience which I truly appreciate.


Purchasable UIs are a bit expensive than commissioned ones. First buyer, first serve. Once the first buyer purchases one of the listed UI under this section, it is no longer available. DM/PM me for more info.

CoD: Modern Warfare Main Menu (Egehan Doğan's Concept) | AVAILABLE (DISCOUNT)

PRICE: UI Design: $20 + Animations/Tween: $25 = $45 (Discounted Price: $30)
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Main Menu (Egehan Doğan’s Concept) Recreation


PRICE: UI Design: $55 + UI Animations: $85 = $140 (Discounted Price: $105)

Nier: Automata HUD | SOLD

PRICE: UI Design: $30 + Animations: $45 = $75
Nier: Automata HUD UI Recreation


PRICE: UI Design: $15


This showcase room is for displaying the old and the new UIs.
Programmed - Pr | Experimental - Exp | Finished - Fi

Personal Development UIs
Game: RE:Fencing | Status: Pr, Exp
Old UIs
Early Access UIs
Game: 27 / 15 / 12: Trials | Status: Pr, Fi
Commissioned UIs
Mythical Legends | Status: Pr, Fi
Two Piece - Grand Adventure | Status: Fi
Demon Slayer Game | Status: Pr, Exp
London Based Story Game (by DaRealPhoe) | Status: Pr, Fi
City Roleplaying Game | Status: Pr, Fi
One Piece Game | Status: Pr, Fi

*Quest Info UI

Project Ragnarok (First Concept / Old) | Status: Pr, Fi
Leaf Blowing Simulator | Status: Pr, Fi
Cartoony Style UI (Prototype) | Status: Pr, Exp


Schedule will be sent within a discussion. | Timezone: GMT+3
Payment methods are Paypal, CryptoCurrency & Robux; no percentages.

[REQUIRED] Upfront Payment: 35% of the totaled price

Prices are negotiable for both UI Design and UI Animations, I particularly don’t have preset prices in mind but rather estimate prices after I get a grasp of your concept.

I accept contracts starting at the least of $10+ per working hour; not accepting long term commissions.


You can contact me through the Developer Forum, Twitter or Discord!
Discord - Swaneki#8245
Twitter - @swaneki


Adding another collection of UIs in showcases with 2 more Recreated UIs and indefinite amount of Personal Development UIs

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Added 2 Commissioned UIs, and an Experimental Recreated UI check it out!

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Hello everyone! I’ve come back with some new additions to the Showcase room!

Commissioned UIs:

  • One Piece Game
  • Project Ragnarok
  • Star Wars Game

Purchasable UIs:

  • Anime (Naruto style) HUD

Coming Soon:

  • Leaf Blowing Simulator Modern UI
  • Genshin Impact Recreation UI
  • Cycling Network Modern UI
  • Simple Modern UI
  • Cartoon Style UI
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Hey all! Check out my recent UIs.

Commissioned UIs:

  • Leaf Blowing Simulator Modern UI
  • Cycling Network UI (Premiering on Oct. 3, 2021)
  • Cartoon Style UI

Purchasable UIs:

  • Star Wars UI Set

Coming Soon:

  • Genshin Impact Recreation UI (HUD, Shop, Main Menu, and a few more)
  • Ragnarok 2nd UI Design Concept + UI Animations
  • Simple Modern Full Set UI Design + UI Animations
  • unControllable full set UI Design + UI Animations
  • A few animated UIs for Smilee LLC
  • D1 full set UI Design
  • And a few more!

Do you script the UI’s for others too?

yep, as showcased from the showcase room. I believe I have stated UI Animations at the top.