[OPEN] The Wave ® is hiring Security Researchers


The Wave ® is hiring TWO Security Researchers!
Position Status: Currently Closed :red_circle:

About Us!
The Wave ® is a Roblox Juicery founded by Selarise in 2017. Our main priority is customer satisfaction, we aim to have a successful connection between our clients and employees. We provide a relaxing environment to talk with friends or just a visit. No matter what business you are here for, we aim to help you to enjoy yourself! When a new player visits our experience, they can socialize with their friends, work as an employee, meet new people and purchase gamepasses and in-game upgrades to better their experience. As we continue to expand across the Roblox Metaverse, we hope we can continue to grow and expand our business to all Roblox players.

About the job
As a Security Engineer/Researcher for The Wave, you will be maintaining and preventing exploits from ruining the game play experience for our players. You’ll need to make sure to patch them from the game completely if possible. We want to have a safe environment for our players and would like to make sure things like this can be prevented.

Requirements for the job

  • 1+ years of research experience
  • Having an understanding of Roblox Exploits
  • Having a portfolio of past work and industries you have worked for
  • Strong communication between you and the development coordinator
  • Must have an existing and active Discord and Roblox Account
  • No bad reputation on any platforms
  • Have a working microphone, you will be asked to attend private voice calls and meetings

You are…

  • Respectful towards our employees and leads
  • Hardworking and diligent person
  • Experienced and having an understanding of exploits, and being able to patch them.
  • Great at communicating with others

Compensation will determine the number of exploits that have been patched, we can negotiate a price through DMS. USD/Nitro is not an acceptable way of compensation. We also do not do downpayments.

If you’re interested in the position, please send me a direct message through DevForum messages.

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