[OPEN!] TheNesNes32 // GFX/LOGO Artist (Inexpensive!)

*CURRENT STATUS: CLOSED! (Actual status due to Collaboration Section closing)

Hey there, I’m Nes, a GFX/LOGO artist on Roblox! I’ve been a GFX artist for over two years and I’ve contributed to many groups and games with thousands of members. I’m currently using Affinity Photo for editing and Blender as my 3D software. I ensure that you’ll get the promised effort from me, and I make it my responsibility to answer your needs to create something you truly love. I hope to work well with you and thank you for checking out this portfolio!


Moon Tycoon Commission:

Egg Hunt 2022 Commission:

Volcanic Eruption Commission:

Three Broomsticks Commission:

Adventure Slayers Commission:

Impossible Obby Commission:

Ocean View Commission:

All India Roblox Group commission:

Personal GFX:

Crystaline Theaters Commission:


Impossible Obby Commission:

Color Switch Obby Comission:

Asteria Commission:

Personal GFX:

Water Bottle Simulator Commission:

Rocket Boot Noob Commission:


Apple Developments Commission:

Adventure Slayers Commission:

Obby Tycoon Commission:

Known Robloxians Commission:


My time zone is EST or UTC -4. I am available 2+ hours a day. Occasionally I respond late to some messages because of my availability. Please bear with that.
Please also know that I have a life outside of Roblox, and sometimes commissions might take a week or more. I may have more time, so I’ll try my best to hand it to you as soon as possible! :happy2:


My gfx pricing:

  • 2.5K Robux for a logo or advertisement (ads are negotiable)
  • 3k Robux for an avatar or game icon/ gfx
  • 3.5k Robux for a thumbnail or advertisement.

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, or Discord: nes#3779
I’ve also made a Twitter account now! Come check it out or contact me there too: https://twitter.com/NesGFX

TOS (Terms of Service) and Additional Info

  1. Do NOT rush me!

  2. You must pay first. Don’t worry I don’t scam nor will ghost you once bought. You’ll get a watermarked gfx/logo first and then it’ll be removed after purchase.

  3. YOU MUST have your Robux ready for an easy gfx handover unless it’s from group funds.

  4. Have your idea ready, how you want your GFX. Don’t just ask me to make whatever, it really doesn’t help.

  5. FOR THE THUMBNAIL, you must have a map file of your game in order for it to look like an actual part of the game, if not there will be an extra charge up to 1.5k.

  6. I’d be glad to add improvements and changes to your ordered GFX, but there are only so many changes I can do for free, so I may charge a bit extra after too many changes are made.

  7. I have the right to cancel any commission asked, I most likely will not but I will have a valid and proper reason if I do so have to! (I will pay you back if already paid, don’t worry)

Thank you for reading, I hope to work with you in the future!