What are you working on currently? (2022)

Happy 2022. I made a new part-only, no-plugins showcase for a building contest.

And as per usual, continued work on my biggest showcase. I’ve added a ton of stuff and am actually working on it as I post this reply.

Thank you all for your continual support of my endeavors.


For those of y’all from the future, we definitely camped here. I spent around 15 seconds getting formatting right, though.

Hey! :partying_face: It’s 2022! Let’s make this year better than the last!

These past few days, I’ve been solo developing a remake of a gamemode found in a different game called ‘ball tag’. I had plans to do this a while back, but it seems like now is the perfect time to develop and release a game like this. It’s not as massive of a game compared to other projects, and it’s not a hardcore game, but it’s still fun for me to develop!

If you’re not familiar with the gamemode, here’s the gist: A player is randomly chosen and is given a ball. If they throw the ball, and that ball touches a different player, that player is now tagged and has to pick up the ball again and tag someone else quickly. Once the timer runs out, both the tagged player and the ball are eliminated, as well as everyone else who is unfortunate enough to be near them. The goal is to be the last player standing.

Got it? You’ve probably got the right idea in your head… BUT you didn’t exaggerate it enough. You’ll probably understand it better with a clip from the game.

I’m just being careful when saying the following videos might trigger epilepsy. Don’t worry, I’ll try to reduce this once the game releases.

I also want to show off the spectating system that I made a day ago (or a year ago, if you want to make that kind of a joke :pensive:). It took a few hours to get it working properly, but in the end it was well worth it.

(Physics are a little delayed when you’re running 4 different instances of a game at once. I’m good at the game, I promise.)

There’s some other features that I would like to show, but unfortunately can’t. These include:

  • Great mobile support and mobile specific animations
  • Easily extendable gameplay (each gamemode is a module, and I have control over certain events, such as joining the game late, getting tagged, etc,)
  • Ability to take cover behind objects
  • And the UI color transition whenever a new round begins and a new color is assigned to you

And some things I have yet to do include:

  • Lobby UI
  • Currency (maybe two different kinds? One of which you can only get by winning rounds, and the other from playing the game?)
  • A shop, where you can buy cosmetics
  • More gamemodes
  • Map/gamemode voting
  • Sounds
  • And finally, more maps

The map and clothing are just placeholders. The shirt and pants are not created by me, and were just taken from the toolbox.

Finally, one last thing that I want to mention about this project is that I’m keeping the scope small. When I was a beginner, I used to have these massive projects in mind that never came to fruition. As time went on, the scope of my projects shrunk. These smaller projects were not only easier to complete, but were also higher in quality. Do something small and manageable, and you’ll have a better chance of succeeding.

These past few years I’ve been learning how to design and program scripts well. Now, I feel like it’s a good time to branch out and learn how to do other things. I hope to spend 2022 learning and getting better at building and 2D art/textures.

To everyone out there, I hope you’ll be successful in 2022! Looking forward to a better, less crazy year! Thanks for reading all of this, too.


I recently created my first actual game.

If you want you can play it here: sword game (currently closed because of bugs, im also working on a better version of this game)

Also happy late new years!

Edit: how did this get 35 likes
Update: I gave up on the “better version” of the game, possibly going to remake it.


Finished my medieval build few days ago.
I’m kind of proud of this!

I sadly forgot how much time this took, but definitely over 10 hours.

Twitter post: https://twitter.com/boredpersonx/status/1477575137440501761?s=20


I am working on my souls-like rpg! Here are some screenshots from my progress so far:
Check out my profile for the combat test!


My GFX skills have improved tremendously this year, along with so many commissions. I’m stunned by my progress, and I can’t wait to improve even more. I’m also looking forward to the commissions’ aspect, I’m just growing more and more :happy3:

I’m playing with more effects in my GFXs, and here’s a current commission:

Check out my portfolio here: [OPEN!] TheNesNes32 // GFX/LOGO Artist (Inexpensive!)
High hopes for this year! <3

Edit: It’s been a bit more than 9 months since this last post lol and I’ve improved so much with my lighting and logos:


Took a break from development, but the new year seems
a good place to start back up!
Recently got myself a quest 2 and I’ve begun development with VR code
So far I’ve got some working hands and slowly learning the basics.


A Summary of what my job was in 2021 / Let’s see what awaits me this year



Well, the most recent thing I’m still working on from last year is my fancy room showcase.

I am very excited to see what the folks over at Roblox and the users on the platform have to bring us this year!


I have been working on a small very low poly RPG in my free time. There’s still a lot to do and many things will be redone I’m hoping to make the game very low poly as I hope to make it mobile compatible. Below are just some of the assets I have done for the game.

Sort of houses/style the game will have not the most detailed looked but for what I have so far I think it looks alright and I may edit later in project depending.

Wish I had more done to show screenshots of but I’m hoping to complete it as a semi-solo game from what I have learned throughout 2021 and add features that a lot of current RPGs don’t have. :grinning:


This year I am focusing on merging my love for 2D face/clothing design with my love for 3D accessory creation so I can start creating avatar ideas that utilize all my skills!

This is an example of my first one of the year! Everything in the showcase, with the exception of the hair (credits to GENKROCO) were made by me. I am having a lot of fun meshing my different hobbies together, and I can not wait to see where I will be able to take this concept as the year progresses! <3


future lighting tech + pbr furniture + materialservice
we getting somewhere


Hey all! Happy new year 2022!
Im working one of my favorite game projects called Valorous Expedition.
Basically PvE survival game with guns and melees. Kind of like Borderlands.

I’ve been keeping up my devlog quite a while. It’s pretty engrossing looking back my first update, and to my 6th update.




Rocky Greens

March 2021

August 2021

November 2021
Revamping the map using terrain meshes.
Not in final stage. Lots of things are subjected to change.

Here are my 10 guns I modeled in Blender. Being using it for 1 year and got hang of it quick.
And a sprinkle of aromatic spices, I animate all of them by myself too.
The other 3: HR-1940, MGR-20, and ABR, are my custom builds, but still use few gun design reference.

I did developed few useful skills in 2021, surprisingly enough:
1.My building design improved, new revamped map for example.
2.To be able script advanced things (the gun and melee framework system made by scratch, and basic use of OOP)
3. Learn how to model and animate in Blender.

Still learning the basics of those roles right now, but still adapting it. I’m a kind of person who wants to do multiple roles just like I stated above. But I burnt out a bit in the last few months of 2021. So I thought I can keep up my motivation and consistency by posting my progress right here. I hope this should uplift me anyway.

UPDATE: The game is now up for testing! Feel free to try it out and provide feedback if necessary.
Reply here if you have any concern or question, I will be glad to assist you.


I’m started on a new project for 2022. I called it dark seas. I’m currently searching someone to script it, if you intrested please message me. Here are some screenshots. Thanks for reading


WOW! That’s incredible! I seriously hope you’ll work for a game developer one day!


Working with the FOWC developers on a remake of D-Day ᵀᴴᴱ ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴺᴬᴸ by @TonyGroce.

Also on our newest game, expected release sometime in the next few months, Flames of War: Rising Sun, based on the Pacific Theatre


made my first ever low poly map!


this made me uncofmfortable, it’s nice btw…


I’m currently still on holiday, so all I’ve done was idea brainstorming. When I get back to developing, I will devlog and record my progress.

Random facts I can reveal for now:

  • Subtly mocks the 13+ part of the Roblox community, specifically the Youtube, Twitter and Reddit ones.

  • To hide this, the lore consists of people overthrowing the Robloxian Government (Roblox, but it’s a country in this universe), and establish a dictatorship that abolishes currency, executes dissenters, capitalists and those with contrary opinions to the new government (the average old Roblox nostalgists from r/Roblox)

  • Gameplay will be similar to the Lego videogames (character switching, camera shifting, health system and perhaps platforming/puzzles) and Madness Project Nexus (a lot of killing, shoot em up style) and story-like games (there’s several plot routes you can undergo)

  • Here are some crudely drawn enemy concepts, try see all the references to the Roblox community.


I’ve been working on my game Project: Vice a lot recently, I’ve made some icons for it, and teasers.

I have no idea when will I release it

The test place of the game’s available on my profile, if anybody is interested to play.