[OPEN THRU 7/13] Looking for a short term 3D modeler to build a handheld device for our battle royale | 4K+ R$

For my team’s upcoming battle royale project, we are looking for a 3D modeler to build AND TEXTURE a fictional handheld device players will use in gameplay (think the Pipboy for Fallout). Sketches on the device are shown below. We only have a front view on the device, so we may need a little improvisation on the side views and back view.

We want the design and style for this device to be very metallic and tactile. Texturing HAS to include PBR shading (roughness maps, normal maps, metallic maps) More details on the design can be explained in DMs.

  • PBR textures are required for the job
  • device is mid-high poly


Payment: 4,000+ R$

Due Date: August 1st (if necessary we can take it later)

DM me on discord: BoonkJusticeMayanProphecy2012#1561 if you’re interested. I don’t check the devforum as much as discord so its best to try contacting me there.

You NEED to know how to do PBR texturing for this job! Thank you for reading this part!

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