[OPEN TO 1 FIT COMMS] Aocule: Clothing Designer

:wave: Hiya! I’m Aocule, and I’m currently a 17-year-old student. I love to draw, make concepts, and design clothing on ROBLOX. I’m proud to say I’ve been designing for 7 months now!

I’m a fast-paced and quick learning person. I enjoy learning and trying new things! My goal is to spread my work around the ROBLOX community!

What clothing style do I specialize in?

My main strength is doing streetwear and cartoony clothing! Of course I can CERTAINLY do the following:
aesthetic, front page type, uniforms, suits, cosplay outfits from animes or TV shows, simple military, and depending on the complexity; dresses/formal wear.

Why should you hire me?

I take a lot of pride in the amount of time and effort in the clothing I make. I will also provide updates with each minor or major change depending on what the client prefers.

Terms & Conditions
  • I can ask for payment beforehand if the client seems to be untrustworthy.

  • I am not accepting commissions that ask me to make 5+ clothing at a time. If you need more, it’ll have to be a separate commission.

  • Do not rush me or constantly message me. I am not on ROBLOX all the time! I will ask you to stop the first time. The second time will be an extra charge depending on how far I am in your commission. Third time, I will cancel it. No exceptions.

  • If the client demands extra changes by being rude and nitpicky, I will charge extra for taking up more of my time.

  • I have the right to decline your commission.

  • No refunds after the commission is completed especially when I have received the O.K.

  • I have the right to back out of a commission if unless the part or full payment has been given.



Uniforms & Other

Suit Retouch girl uniform Space Suit wip kimono


1st armor practice

Front Page Clothinig: Each clothing piece will range from 1K-1.5K
Per outfit will range from 2K-2.5K

Casual/Streetwear: Each clothing piece will range from 1.5K-2.5K Robux
Per outfit will range from 3K-5K Robux

Uniforms/Other: Each clothing piece will range from 2K-2.5K Robux
Per outfit will range from 4K-5K Robux

Armor/Fantasy: Each clothing piece will range from 3K-6K Robux
Per outfit will range from 6K-12K Robux

Payment Methods

I am NOT accepting PayPal at this time for payment. Robux payment is preferred from T-Shirt. (Taxes must be covered) and some gift cards are also accepted.

Why the pricing as it is?

Keep in mind that you are paying for quality, my time, and the product. Each ASSET I make takes at least an hour. Prices may be lower or higher depending on the difficulty.


Monday through Friday: 9 AM THROUGH 10 PM
Weekends/Holiday Breaks: 1 PM THROUGH 11 PM

:incoming_envelope: For inquiries, services, or questions. Here is where to contact me! :incoming_envelope:
Discord: —pickle#0001
Roblox: @Aocule
Twitter: @AoculeRB

Thanks for reading! I hope to hear from you!


Do you do uniforms by chance? I’m looking for someone who can design some for my restaurant roleplay group.

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Hello @Aocule!

I have a job offer for you and I was wondering if you would accept it.

I’ll contact you on discord shortly.


Aocule is an outstanding clothing designer! I highly recommend anyone to use him for anything!


I am willing to take my prices that far down if the clothing you are asking for is basic and simple.

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Highly recommend Aocule for any of your clothing needs! He’s super friendly, fast, and the final product was better than I could’ve imagined! Definitely one of the best clothing designers on the dev forum :smiley:


I absolutely loved his work, great quality for a reasonable price. Totally recommended! :ok_hand:t3:


Hello, would you be willing to try knight/crusade kind of clothing???

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Would definitely recommend Aocule. Professional, keeps me up to date on progress and the designs are always perfect! Every commission done for me so far has exceeded my expectations! Amazing designer to work with!

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Hi. Contacted you through Discord. I would love to order from you.

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I sent a friend request through Discord, my tag is my Roblox username! Hope to hear back from you soon! :smiley:

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Finished my commissions very quick, with outstanding quality! Aocule is definitely the one to hire if you need any clothing for anything, really. Sent progress images, had quick responses, will definitely order again! I had a great experience working with him. :blush:

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You should definitely raise your prices. Those are great quality clothing that you should be getting paid more for. Good work!

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Are you available for work? Your Twitter and Discord are both invalid

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I am also interested in hiring you if you still take commissions!

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Hey EVERYONE!! After a year, I’m finally back open!! Here’s one design I worked on recently. Please note I’m taking small commissions only for now!


Updated on 05/29/21


I am now available! Contact me through discord ; Nazzz#1014 Thank you so much being choosing me

He did very well with my request and came up with something interesting and also fitting of my requirements. Would highly recommend!

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Recently commissioned Aocule to do a set of Space Suits, simply couldn’t be more pleased with the end results! Communicating with him was a breeze and he provided plenty of progress details throughout the commissions timeline. The product was exactly what I had asked for and it was completed well before the quick deadline that he gave as an estimate. If you need custom clothing, this is your go to guy!

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Hi, I would like to order something from you, but I can’t find you on Discord. Could you send me your username + tag again?

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