[OPEN] UI Designer needed for Stewed Cafe

What is Stewed?

Greetings. Firstly, we’d like you to know more about the job. Stewed is a cafe on ROBLOX that strives to achieve a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere for all. Our goal is to serve a vast variety of flavored coffees and snacks that will make you a returning customer for life. Our highly sophisticated and well trained staff will surely make your experience at our cafe one to remember.

What’s the job?

Stewed needs a UI designer to create us UIs for our Version Two. The UIs would consist of a gamepass shop, etc. You would be tasked to create a very original UI that fits with out theme. More details will be discussed in DMs.

What are the requirements?

Our requirements must be taken seriously. If you find that you violate our requirements, you will be denied. The requirements are as follows:

  • Must be 13+ years old
  • Must have Discord
  • Must be active on Discord
  • Be advanced in UI design

What’s the payment?

We are very flexible with our payment. It can be done through group funds, t-shirt, and even USD. The payment can be discussed in DMs if I believe you’re fit for the job.

Funds & T-Shirt: 5,000 ROBUX+
USD: 50 USD+

How do I apply?

You can apply for this position to be a UI designer via my Discord DMs. My discord tag is: dyfined#0001

What are Stewed’s links?

Before applying, you must make sure to fit all of the requirements. If you want to link your Portfolio below, you can as well. Thank you very much!

President of Stewed

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Can you tell us how much you’re paying for the UI’s?

I have added that to the post. Thank you for your interest.

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Just sent a request, names 1mMac#1581

Hey, you already find the UI designer?

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I might be Interested, Depends on my Never Ending Schedule

I think 3+ years of experience is a little much. There’s newer artists with potential to create amazing pieces of work. I think lowering the level of experience to be required will interest more artists.


Very interested

Portfolio: PappyFrost | User Interface Designer For Hire! - #6 by iOwn_You

Disc: Pappy#3521

hello I am interested in this UI position send a friend request over discord (It wont let me)
my username is savage_SABOR#4581

Hey :wave: I’m interested! Here’s my portfolio: [CLOSED] NabeelPlays' Portfolio

Discord- NabeelPlays#0051

Hello, there! My name is Zackary Williams, I am a UI Designer on the platform. I am most know for my contribution at Solera Hotels & Resorts, Chicken Express, Ukipa, National Park Services, Bloxway/Subway and more!

If you would like to view my portfolio, you may do so here! https://devforum.roblox.com/t/for-hire-user-interface-designer/712926

My twitter account for additional posts: https://twitter.com/ZxacqzRBX

My Discord is: Zack!#001

Thank you for taking your attention towards this application, please contact me on discord for more information!

Best regards,

Zxacqz | Zackary

I specialize in cartoony UI’s please add me

I am sort-of interested, DM me via General Kenobi#5246.

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