[OPEN!] UI/UX/ Designer For Hire! | Raze

Alright, sounds good! I’ll message you!

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[UPDATE!] Updated my entire portfolio including the design and layout, updated more examples, and organized my services. Prices were also updated. (New banner :smile:)

Hot Ui & Gfxs. Tysm for the work. I think it’s the best you’ve done so far by far. Good priced, takes a while but it’s worth it. <3

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:wink: Ty, i’ll keep up my work and try to cut down on the time it takes me.

Hello! I would just like to update you all on some news, I will be having a lot more examples and work be added to my portfolio so it’s not my old work.

I will be adding some stuff from the work I did for Starblox Cafe this month this week.

I have a quick example menu I was working on yesterday for a car style game. I haven’t really worked on vehicle games much, and the backgrounds of the frames are indeed Forza Horizon backgrounds.

But it was just a quick design. Opinions and feedback are appreciated!


I’ve got just another update on my portfolio. I am working on many new different projects and I am shutting Robux payments down for around ~2 and focusing on USD. Paypal payments are the first choice and preferred.

In mention of that, I’d like to present another commission I recently finished for @YourStarbloxDev and for Starblox Cafe!



(Commissions are opened again btw!) (Only accepting USD atm though.) Robux Prices are closed for the while.)

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“I would recommend only doing one style”, I don’t particularly agree with this because each commissioner has a different game they’d like UI for, and game can vary in Genres and styles.

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Talented UI designer, I ordered a menu UI and I’m in love with it! I recommend you to hire him if you’d like an UI Designer.

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My commissions are again open, but currently taking USD as a first preference. If you wish to commission via Robux, you may have to wait longer.

Thanks, (New examples will also be posted soon.
(A thumbnail I worked on recently will be posted below.)

My commissions are again open, I have completely updated my examples and showcased work (User interface design) in my portfolio. I currently take both Robux and USD. If you are interested please DM me at Raze#1234 :grin:

Also here is some of the latest work i’ve been working on (For my personal and upcoming Simulator game:)

Hi, I love your work, I was wondering how much you charge for game icons if you even do that sort of comissions anymore?

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Hey, I do game Icons still and I’d charge near 5K Per game Icon, (Including render) but I don’t usually do GFX anymore, although I could do some time to time surely.

And thanks! Really appreciated

Hello! :cowboy_hat_face:

I have updated my work, added more examples, and updated my prices a bit. I accept Robux, Limiteds, and USD via Paypal.

:wave: Hey

Just another update on prices which I forgot to add.

I can do smaller quantities of UI’s for a lower price,
The starting price for a full game pack consisting of 10-15 UI’s would be around 50K+

But prices are negotiable depending along the quantity of what you require,


Have a nice day :cowboy_hat_face:

I hired Raze to replace an old UI set that I had been using. It was in desperate need of replacement and I showed him exactly what needed to be redone. I expected a very similar looking design as it may be hard for some people to use their creativity when they’re being told to recreate something. Raze instead put his own twist on the UI set and met the standards of a UI set that would be on a front page game. The prices were very reasonable for his professional skill level and I’ll be hiring him again in the future without a doubt.

tldr; Raze is the guy to hire if you’re working on a game that you have the patience and confidence in.

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:cowboy_hat_face: Hey,

just another update as of 04/18/2021:

Previously, I did not have the service of importing my User Interface designs into Roblox Studio, but now I also include that service as a part of ordering UI’s from me.

For now I will not be charging any extra for this service, and it will come included with my current prices provided, but in the future this may change.

To clarify, the process which I use is:

  1. I create the User Interface designs inside of Adobe Photoshop
  2. I export all the images into folders, and save them accordingly by name.
  3. I import the designs into Roblox studio and correctly scale them for all devices inside of StarterGUI.
  4. After payment, when I will send the Interface to you; I will send the UI images (exported from PS) into a .ZIP file, as well as the file for the Roblox Game. (I don’t send .PSD or Photoshop documents for my UI’s.)

Also for those who can’t find my discord username, I have updated my name to the following:

More examples will be coming soon,

Thanks :wink: :wave:

[UPDATE] - 2021/04/24

– I will be adding more newer work and examples to my portfolio, and as mentioned above I also import your Interface into studio, and scale it (usually with an extra fee,) and depends on the complexity of the project. If it involves complex layer styles and transparencies which I am unable to coordinate in Studio, then I will decline being able to import the UI’s. (As this is still a WIP Service.)

Anyways, below are more examples and works for my own Roblox game which I am working on currently:

My commissions are open, so if you wish to order please DM me at: Raze#1234

Hey, your discord username and tags dont work. Try mine!


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