[OPEN!] UI/UX/ Designer For Hire! | Raze

Hey there! :wave:t2:

About Me

I’m Raze, and I am a self-taught UI/UX designer and Graphics artist. I have worked for many people in the past and have learned many new techniques, skills, and strategies over a few years.

For my User Interface designs I use the program:

  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2018
  • Roblox Studio
  • Adobe Illustrator - (Coming soon!)

I have worked for many people and contributed to many popular games including:

I am currently offering my User Interface/UI services.

P.S: I do not script my User Interface designs, but as of 04/18/2021, I am also able to import your UI’s and scale them into Roblox studio for the same prices I have set in my price section. They will be all imported from photoshop into a blank baseplate, which I will give you the file after payment. I do not give the PSD. (Photoshop document) If you require any changes, I can make small corrections, but something huge I will not do for free, and probably charge extra for.


You can view most of my work right here or check out my Behance: (I don’t upload this a lot) Behance

Below are some provided screenshots of my work, (should also be in my Behance link.)

FPS Shooter Game UI

Super Baby Simulator UIs

Andromeda UIs

Cafe Game UI's


Monopoly Game UI's

Destiny 2 Type UIs

Simple Stat Bar Interface


Strucid UI Concept

New Work:

Club Reverb UIs

Starblox Cafe UIs

Vibe Dubai UIs

MM2 Type Game UIs

Personal Project: Elemental Simulator UI's


Naval Warfare Tycoon UIs

Backstretch Battles Remastered UIs


Game Icons

Logo Icons


More examples and work should be coming soon, as I am working on newer projects since I got a new system, and I wasn’t able to transfer newer examples of my work to this PC.


I will be available around

  • ~1-2 Hours on weekdays
  • ~3+ Hours on weekends.

-Due to school and other activites I will not be able to work on your commission for the entirety of the day, although I will be able to respond to texts really fast if I am online on Discord, (Which I almost always am.)

A Full Game UI commission could take from around 3 days, - 2 weeks depending on my schedule and the quantity/difficulty of the task.

If I have a full work schedule and I am closed on commissions, I will message you an estimate of when I will be available, and most probably the title of this devforum page would state: [CLOSED]

However, if it does not say closed, please just DM me on discord to clarify my timings and availability. (Contact info below)


My pricing is based on the difficulty, and quality of the task. I accept payments of Robux, Real money ($USD) via Paypal, and I also accept Limiteds.

Base Price: ~50K+ or $100 USD+

P.S: (Prices will vary depending on quantity and difficulty of the task.) (NEGOTIABLE)


To contact me, you can reach me on either of these three options:

  • Discord: Raze#9745
  • Devforum: (Either reply to this post or just message me.)
  • Twitter: (Not that active on twitter) https://twitter.com/R_azeGFX

I am most active on discord and I prefer if you contact me there.
Updated (11/06/2021)



it wont let me add your discord, add mine. it’s aventador#0001

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Alright no problem sure thing!

Add me on discord since I am unable to add you on discord, Blargii#1941

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Alright, sure, i’ll add you.


I added you on discord.

Raze#1234 by the way.

I cant add you, add me - Ahagaa187#8351

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Hey, alright

Don’t know why people have this problem :thinking:

But yeah sure.

Hey! I tried to add you but the account said it was you,

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Oh wait what… OHH I know the mistake now, my username is “Raze#1234” I must contact him, really messed up on that.

Hey, just an update.

I’m working on some more examples for my portfolio and some new styles as well.
Just to let everyone know, I have changed my discord username to: Raze.#1234

(To prevent confusion from another user who has the same name.)

If you would like to commission me, please contact me here on the developer forum, on twitter (I don’t check it often) and or discord (Where I am most frequently active on.)


Raze :smile:


Can’t seem to add you nor find you on discord! My @ is Rallient#6261, would love to talk to you about UI interest :slight_smile:

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Dang, these are amazing! The first one is my faviorite! You are should raise your prices! One thing I would suggest you might wanna work on is the way you made the first one parts of the UI were realistic and other parts were cartoony. I would recommend only doing one style.

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Hello, I’m sorry for a really late response. I was offline for a while, I will send you a friend request.

Hey, thanks for such a detailed review! I really appreciate your feedback. At the moment I feel comfortable with these prices, and I usually just add different styles of UI’s to my portfolio is because they are all commissions. I could try and organize them into a more visual perspective instead of all over the place haha, but i’m still a bit new to Devforum.

Thanks, and I’ll be looking forward to making some new changes!

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What I mean by different styles is that in the first one for example it looks very realistic and then thier is a cartoony gun and cartoony coin and gem Icons. I feel like it should just be realistic not realistic and cartoony.

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Add me on discord, you are the guy we needed for our game, we need a very good UI Designer,like you, and we will pay you 50 USD!

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Hey! Sorry for the late response I was very inactive no my devforum, are you still looking for a UI designer?

LATE Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:

Hello all, sorry for the inactivity on my devforum. I have reopened commissions and I will be accpeting robux payment aswell as USD currently.

More examples and screenshots will be updating on my devforum sooner this week, as my current work has quite differed from my previous work.


Raze :smile:


Love your UIs! I have DMed you, here’s my tag: icee#1204. Look forward to ordering from you!

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