Open up the event places on the Games account [Feature Request]



First some backstory: One of the first games I ever played was Hallow’s Eve 2014 on the Games account. About a year after it ended, Halloween 2015 I wanted to play it again, so as it was a seasonal event it was closed. This gave me the idea that I could remake it myself. After developing it for a few weeks (mind you I was 11 at the time) I decided it was too hard and that I should try do remake something different, so I discovered Halloween 2013. Almost all of my knowledge of Roblox development and Roblox studio comes from watching youtube videos of that event and trying to recreate it.

I really find it a shame that almost 5 years have passed since that event closed, and Roblox still haven’t opened up the event. One could argue that such a long time has passed that surely there is nothing to be learned from it, but I don’t believe that to be the case. One example is the minimap. From old forum posts (don’t ask) I’ve learned that the game had 200x200 “cells” making up the 20,000x20,000 stud map. That means that there were 40 THOUSAND cells. Even with all those, the minimap still ran smooth without lagging down the game, even though a table with 40 thousand entries would lag very much. This is especially true because each cell was a different imagelabel. 40 thousand image-labels would drag down the FPS of almost all computers today, and this was 2013.

Another reason is simply the nostalgia factor of it. I’m 100% sure that there are MANY Roblox veterans who would absolutely love to play these events again, and right now the best alternatives are bad remakes. These events don’t make any money, they’re just sitting there.

Another point could be made that someone could impersonate Roblox admins using the events, but I find that unlikely; after all, they opened up Roblox Battle and that hasn’t been a case. It’s been used to make at least one front page game cough cough Ultimate Boxing 2.

I really believe that this would universally benefit the Roblox community, -konlon15.

(to check interest I’ve made this poll)

  • I don’t want the event games to be reopened
  • I want the event games to be reopened, but not uncopylocked
  • I want the event games to be uncopylocked

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