Open up the Talent Hub categories for Members

Recently, most people on the DevForum gained access to the Talent Hub, and that’s a great new feature for Roblox developers to use.

This is a request specifically to this new released service as the #bug-reports:talent-hub-bugs and #feature-requests:talent-hub-features categories are just for Regulars, and I think members also have ideas, complaints, and bug reports to make regarding Talent Hub.

I also agree that DevRel can’t just open all the categories with a snap. However, since PA (Post Approval) removal a year ago, there haven’t been any way to get the Regular role, and therefore, to post on a big amount of the categories like bugs, and features.

If this isn’t possible, I’d like a way to sumbit features/bugs through a group, just like we are able to do right now with normal bugs messaging @Bug-Support .



Depending on how soon they’re able to implement self verification on the talent hub, I’d suggest letting verified users post on the talent hub related categories. I don’t expect that any time soon though as Roblox has an absurdly poor track record with this stuff.

I don’t believe that the talent hub categories would have as much of an issue with spam and low quality posts as the other bug/feature related sections however, as the talent hub is somewhat more specific and will in turn have less people wanting to make posts about it.

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I’d say this is true since for the last few weeks replies have been open for members in #feature-requests:talent-hub-features and I haven’t seen much spam / low effort posts.


Aren’t they doing that September?

I think they confirmed that every DevForum member would have access to it by then.

Access to the Talent Hub itself, yes. If you read the topic, you’ll see what I’m actually requesting.

Oh, my bad.

Well, I think the Talent Hub categories will be more open to everyone as time goes by, it only makes sense considering that all DevForum members will get access to the actual Talent Hub soon.

It’s defiantly a useful idea to have around tbh.

I’m bumping this topic since I haven’t gotten an answer from Staff and it would probably be flagged if I repost this.

Please, it is very important that we, members of the forum, are allowed to write topics on that category. Opening up the regular applications would be a better idea, but since that is currently impossible, this category is the one that should be open, specifically because everyone (members and regulars) are having issues with it

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As i heard they moved to talent hub, where u can post your own message etc but you must also be signed with your roblox acc and ye thats all

That’s not the point of OP’s post. They’re asking for the #feature-requests:talent-hub-features and #bug-reports:talent-hub-bugs subcategories to be opened to members