[OPEN] Update: Looking For Scripters and Builders For No Charge

Me and a small teams of developers are working on a new game. We are looking for developers that are wanting a chance to show what they can build. We are a team giving smaller developers a chance to help us. Below is a description.

Work Requirements -

  • Works for no charge. We are a new team of developers so currently we do not have the money to pay everyone.
    -Smaller developers are to show their best effort.
    -We have different workers doing different “things” so we may not always need what you if you are a modeler or tester.
    -We do not have a required amount of time or schedule for each person but we do ask for you to participate.

Game Description-

  • We are planning on a “Flicker” and “MM2” based game.
  • The game will have different skins given to each player and roles/names.
  • Roles can be just a civilian or murderer and each night you discuss who you think is murderer.

If you are interest please give us a description of your experience in developing, please tell us what you are best at(scripting, skin making, modeling), and if possible show us a piece of work you have made by showing us pictures, a link, etc.

Please reply to this post or message me on the Dev Forum.


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