[OPEN] uZeyrox | GFX/GUI/LOGO Designer

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Hey, my name is uZeyrox, I have been developing on this platform for a long time now & I’m constantly improving my skills. I always make sure that my clients are satisfied with the work that I provide them & with my communication skills.

I have over 2 years of experience into graphics designing & photoshop. I always provide high quality work, I’ve worked with many notable clients including: @CrazyCorrs, @aTinyGecko, @LimitlessDeveloper, @NavyComms, @ShadowOblivionX and @ayziloz.

Read - Important Information

If your ordering from me you should know that:

  1. Do not rush me, The commission will be done in the given deadline always.

  2. 30% upfront is must, or your order will be declined.

  3. Your commission will ALWAYS be completed within the promised delivery time unless
    communication is done incorrectly on your part.

  4. I do not accept payment with funds, you must pay with gamepass (30% tax), I accept paypal too
    with DevEx values

  5. Reference Images are recommended unless you give me a detailed explanation on what you

  6. I don’t Import or Script UIs, You’ll only be provided with the PSD.

  7. No refunds will be given.

Thank you for reading!

Wood UI

ToolShop UI

Desert UI

Ocean UI

Vikings UI

Magical UI

Simulator UI

Syrup UI

Cartoony UI


:exclamation:I only accept Robux t-shirt, gampass, and also group funds (if the project takes more then 2-3 weeks) (must cover the 30% fee), and USD payment via PayPal. Also, 30% upfront payment if ordering UI & 100% upfront payment for logos is required to prevent scams!

Developer Forums: @uZeyrox
Discord: uZeyrox#2074
Twitter: https://twitter.com/u_zeyrox![primeshangout|500x500]


Zeyrox Is genuinely a great logo and ui designer, I’ve worked with him on several projects and the outcome Is always great, Overall he Is a great guy and an awesome ui and logo designer.


Good for small projects and quick! Hire him

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Had fun working with you AsyncedCode!

Thanks, I had fun working with you NavyComms.

Nice work Zeyrox! Keep it up :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks! Your work is great aswell.

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Hello Zeyrox,can you design logo for anime games like mha,if you can please kindly contact me on:
Sabroso bajo#9999

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Nice work! Thinking of buying sent a friend request. ZegröröQPL2#5176

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Accepted your friend req! Thanks

Sure, comms will be opening tommorow or the day after tho. Sended fr!

Amazing person to work with and his work is vouch able, I root him!

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Thank you valor! I appreciate it

Increased GUI prices! Take a look before ordering thanks!

Great Work for a small price! Keep it up :smile:

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Thank you very much nixityz. :smiley:

Great work and fast. Keep it up! :grinning:

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Thank you for ordering crazychickend! I hope to see you again.

His work is good, at a very cheap price. :+1:

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Thank you TheRealHes, I appreicate it.