[OPEN] Vector Logo Services

Hello! I’m a graphic artist with years of experience with Photoshop, and am collaborating with another artist to produce various vector designs. Together, we have several years of both Photoshop and Illustrator experience, along with other design programs.

We offer various vector services, ranging from icons to group logos.

We strongly believe in using moodboards during commissions to ensure we’re all on the same page regarding look and design.

Example Graphics




The fastest way to contact me is through my Discord, Valerian#3248.


Do you guys have any more Roblox-type examples? Theres nothing wrong with them, but your artboard examples look like they would be logos for something irl.

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Not at the moment, unfortunately. We can negotiate a lower price if the lack of examples concerns you - but I can assure you, what you receive will be quality work.

These logo’s are awesome. I might be a potential customer in the future. Very nice and sleek designs.

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Yea these logos look amazing its just that my game portrays a more cartoony feel to it. I’ll be sure to use your services in the future if I need something modern/realistic. Good luck with this and have a good day :sunny:

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The only examples we currently have are of modern logos, as we haven’t done anything cartoony quite yet. We are looking to do cartoony logos however, and we could negotiate if you’re interested in it.

I’ve added a cartoony-isk example logo that we just did.

These logo’s are on point man. Like that cartoony, one hope you get hired soon keep up the good work.

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I ordered a logo for my website, and I was looking all over the DevForum website to find someone who could make a professional and trustworthy logo. I am so lucky I found ValerianMengsk and his friend, and that I hired them to create one for me.

Ever since the first message, I noticed how engaged and interested they were in helping me, both with my website and with my order. The communication was brilliant! I never had to wait for them to get back to me at all, it was probably the opposite. I was struck with how experienced they were, it was pretty much astonishing. They helped me realize my own idea and they formed it perfectly.

It didn’t take them long to finish my order, and I truly enjoyed the results. I wanted a little revision to make it fit even better for the site, and they happily did it in no time. The price we negotiated was reasonable and fair. I like to pay real developers real money for their work.

Summed up, if you truly need someone experienced, flexible and someone who knows what they’re talking about, then the choice here is obvious. I was very satisfied with my order, and if you order, I can guarantee you will be too.

(Thanks, @VaIerianMengsk, it was a pleasure ordering from you, and I look forward to do so again in the future!)

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all I have to say this is very overpriced due to the fact that you can hire someone on fiverr to make the same if not better Designs for the price of $5

All I have to say is, that you hurt my feelings. Fiverr is an overrated platform that is starting to become the definition of underpaying of developers. If you go to the Fiverr Forum, you will see and you will read that literally every seller complains about the platform, the prices, the customers and the entire organization of the site.

I was a seller on the Fiverr platform for 1 year. And that one year, was more than enough to burn me and to make me hate programming. I was constantly met with customers not willing to pay me enough for what I made for them. Once, I made a bot for a cryptocurrency community, which grew extremely fast. I worked on the bot for literal days, in and out. I probably spent 30 hours creating the bot, and for what price? $40. The customer constantly wanted revisions here and there, even though I made everything precisely to the details they listed when ordering.

You probably wonder what I earned on that platform? $2000, minus the 20%, minus some of the customers who chargebacked. I ended up with $1400, which is already low enough.

When you pay someone $5 for creating you a logo, then be my guest. All you’re doing is contributing to unoriginal and copied work, making the ones who charge $50 for a logo - who actually spend time with you, the customer, and are experienced and are able to reflect this in what they produce, vanish. I am not saying that everyone on the platform who sell things for $5 are bad and do this. Because the ones who don’t get customers, are the ones who delete their account, or go bankrupt. Then they have to adjust their already low prices down, even more.

To add, originally, I set my prices to $20 for a simple Discord bot, which would take me an hour or two to make, how many purchases did I get? None. I went down to $10 for the exact same bot, how many purchases? None. At least not before going down to $5 for the same bot. Now at $5, I got probably 10 orders within a week. The result of this? $40 and a horrible weekend.

People need to make a living off of something, and paying them less than a minimum hour wage for several hours’ work doesn’t give people something to live off. Instead, they just hate their hobby (which they previously thought they could work on for a long time ahead), which they really enjoyed, because people simply were underpaying or not interested in paying minimum wage at all.


That’s simply an example - not a reflection of the extent of our abilities, DrawingBoard. If you want something more complex, then that can be done.

Portfolio heavily updated with more examples, modern and cartoony.

Vector logo and icon prices have been updated. Pricing sheet added.

Nice work, looks super professional!

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