[OPEN] Veesom - Builder | Portfolio

UPDATED 03/30/19

Hey there, my name is Veesom! I am a Roblox builder and modeller, I have been making immersive builds for 5 years! I work with some of the top developers on Roblox! This post is related to my current/past projects, work models and assets.
Please note that I will constantly add new projects onto this list.
Projects I have worked with:-

You can also go and check out my in-game Portfolio

Discord - Veesom#0898


[03/30/19] Portfolio Updated
This was a minor update, adding more of my projects
and builds into the game.

Find it here: Click Here!

I had a look at your portfolio and was wondering if these builds are made in studio, or blender?


The builds are made in studio, with some meshes in the game.

Planned Improvements to portfolio
My portfolio will be receiving major updates,
I will be adding brand new projects I have in the works currently.

Coming soon!

What is your average price for a basic build?