[HIRING] I am looking for a team of developers!


Hello Developers!

I am in need of a team of developers to create some of the best games on Roblox. Will you be the next big person? With this opportunity it can make you very big, very fast.
Here are just some of the projects we are going for in the future!

  • Egg Hunt 2020 (HUB)
  • Bloxys stage, lobby and red carpet event
  • Many more featured events

These are just some of the things we plan to do as a team.


How will I get paid?
A. Payments will come out of profit of the games we make. Profit is guaranteed.

How do I apply for a position?
A. You can apply for a position, just message Veesom on either Twitter or on discord Veesom#0898

Are you guaranteed to get the team into the listed featured events?
A. It is not guaranteed however a requirement is to have a team of at least 2 people, when the event comes, our team will apply, showing the skills we all have.

Will this make me famous?
A. Most likely yes, all game studios that produce great games always get known, which unlocks even more opportunities on Roblox for your future career as a developer.

Where do we get the game idea from?
A. The games we create will be from ideas we have as a team.

What do you do Veesom?
A. I am a builder on roblox

Who am I after in the team?
A. Music Composer, Animator, 3D modeler, Scripter, and a builder.

Taking this opportunity will show your commitment to Roblox and may possible make you the next big developer. This is where our journey begins. If you want to join the success that awaits then simply reply below!


Portfolio: [OPEN] Veesom - Builder | Portfolio

Please note that I will only be accepting people based off skill, you will be required to show me some of your work


“Hope to do” doesn’t sound like a foundation for a team.


What type of developers are you looking for?


Any currently, anyone with a good mind set, skill, and passion, and I need to be able to see that.


What would the team do other than applying for stuff?

Who are you? What do you contribute to the team? What success shows that you are experienced? You currently have few reasons to join, it seems like more of an idea right now.


Currently, you are correct, it is an idea, but I plan big for the team of devs I collect in. I feel like as a team, we could produce a more advanced and new game.

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I can try animating.


I am interested, looking for some teams with this sort of intent.

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This recruitment post needs so much more information.

I am sure all of us would like to know the following:

  • What do we get from being a developer for you? (money etc.)
  • Your experience as a developer, (what former projects have you worked on?)
  • What kind of developers you are looking for? (animators, scripters etc.)

I really like your ambition, and it’s a cool idea but to get good developers to work for you, you need to provide more information to entice us.


Is this all official? Has ROBLOX requested you to make the bloxy’s and egg hunts etc or are you getting a team to enroll into it?

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Obviously you expect money but, just think, is it always about the money, to be in a ten you trust, and you will get known on roblox, and pay is based on games we publish


Enroll into it

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Would be great, send me your discord


Even if payment is just percentages, estimates should be given. One of the big issues is that team leaders often want an unfair amount for themselves, so just make sure thar whatever the payment looks like, no one will be caught by surprise.

As asked for twice before, we don’t know anything about who you are and what you will do for the project. Please add more info. to the post.


I think of myself no different to my team, all payouts will be equal to all team members?


Based on the original post and the subsequent replies, I think you’re creating a development group for the wrong reasons, and you haven’t thought through the entire thing.

It seems to me that you want to “hire” developers simply for the sake of having a group of people to make games with you(specifically featured events). While there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, the way you’re advertising your group leads people to believe you’re putting together a professional studio rather than a group of developers working collaboratively. You don’t intend on paying people a fixed rate, but instead plan on having a more casual “let’s make a game and if it gets popular we’ll split the revenue. If it fails, at least we had fun” type of plan.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with this, but the way your post is worded leads people to believe you’re hiring people like a real-life company would hire people.

In the future, please follow more closely the guidelines outlined in the “About Recruitment” topic. The first three would be especially useful for you:

1. Come Prepared
Please have a well thought out game idea in mind before posting an offer.

2. Make a Portfolio
Yes! Even if you are the one hiring, having a portfolio linked will help boost your credibility and give developers a reason to be interested in your offer.

3. Details
You should list exactly how much you’re offering for the work you need. If you’re hiring someone to work for a set price, the amount of work should be set as well (do NOT add extra work mid-way through a contract).


I don’t have discord. Is there any other way we can communicate?


Over on here!


Do you have twitter?


Yes @Veesomrblx