[ OPEN ] ViewportFrames | Hiring Coder!

I’m looking for a Developer capable of creating a some-what “Window” effect using ViewportFrames - Similar to what is shown here in the post below.


For those of you familiar with “Doctor Who” - I’m attempting to create a TARDIS that can display a “Bigger on the Inside” effect.

The project will need to include two “Portals”:

  • Portal [A] // Looking in.
  • Portal [B] // Looking out.

Portal [A]

P_A will need to display the Interior and only be rendered to Players within a certain Magnitude - Otherwise nothing else is rendered.

Portal [B]

P_B will need to render the outside region of P_A. For example, any parts within a Magnitude of Portal A are rendered, if not within range then they’re not needed.


As this is a project I’ve been stuck on for a long time I’m willing to pay 5k - 10k R$.
Or if you’d rather, I am happy to pay 50 - 75 USD via Paypal.


Contact me via DevForum OR Discord.

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