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Hello, welcome to my developer forum portfolio!

My commissions are closed!

If you haven’t come from my Creator page on the Talenthub and you want to know more about me, you can go click this link:
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My Projects :newspaper:


Fume - Roblox

Learn more about Fume

Fume is an “Experience Launcher” and is compareible to Steam. It is mostly meant as a meme, but it actually works propperly!

In Fume you can add games… uh… I mean “Experiences” to Fume and it gets added to the Experience list.

A Dungeon Generator

Minutes Dungeon - Roblox

Learn more about the dungeon generator

The Dungeon generator is a side project of mine, I used it as a testing place for practicing OOP and metatables. I used OOP and metatables before in Obstacle Run, but I still found it difficult to use.

I also want to state that I had no prior experience with procedural or random generation, so I am happy that the generator turned out to be good

Rest in Pieces

Rest In Pieces (ALPHA) - Roblox

Learn more about my time with Rest in Pieces

The main struggle for Rest in Pieces was the Part outline. I ended up inverting the CFrame as if i were to filp the normals of the part. I made that complete system. It is quite Efficient with the Client having to do barely any work!

Screenshot of the outlined

Obstacle Run!

Obstacle Run! [Courses Update] - Alpha - Roblox

Learn more about Obstacle Run!

Obstacle Run! is an Obstacle course (obby) type game. In Obstacle Run you complete Obstacles to collect coins. With the Coins called Jumpux you will be able to buy new obstacle sets in which there are special perks and different artifacts to collect. Each Obstacle Set will have 20 different stages with all of them having on average 3 different difficulties.

Personally I’d like to think that Obstacle Run! is a fresh take on the Old obby genre. Obbies usually are meant to be played once and often don’t retain many players.

Note (2-1-2022): I kindof cringe when I see this game. It was my first project and looking at it now, I am so much better as a developer then I was back when I made this game

Previous commissions :studio_microphone:

These are some of the commissions I have done over time.

Note: I’ve asked for permission to post these voiceclips on here. I do not post the completed commission here unless I specifically ask for permission.



These are some voicelines I recorded for a game called Vengeance.
This person gave me little direction, so I had to wing it. Turns out he liked it!

I was going for a sort of Tank Dempsy Voice from Call of Duty Zombies.

Death Games

These are some voicelines of a game called “Death games”. I was tasked to bring the “Insane announcer” to life by giving him a voice.

I tried to play an insane character as the character title might suggest. Here are some of my favourite quotes:


Announcer death:

Player dies:

No use for you:

You thought you could defeat me?:

Minigame announcements:


Dr. Rob Phd:

Mr. Bob Salesman Phd:

I am… lost:

Contact :iphone: :

You can contact me via:

  • The Talenthub: My Creator page
  • Discord (Preferred) at: OnlineBoy#7640
  • Or here on the Developer Forum

Thanks for reading! :grin:


I love how you are expressed in the voice acting, good job! :heart_eyes:


Thanks man :grin:, I always try and put my best foot forward!


Hello everyone, I’ve updated my pricing. The Voice-Acting rates should be much clearer now.

Hey, I’m an intern at HiddenDevs coming from your voice acting application. Just wanted to let you know that you’re an awesome and underrated artist! Hopefully you are able to extend your skills on our platform. Great work Rik!

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I highly recommend hiring this voice actor! His prices are great, he’s really easy to work with, and the voice acting is great!

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