[Open!] Vuln is looking for a high poly 3D Modeler!

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Hello, we are Vuln Studios, a newly launched development team working our first ever game, Scrimmage Collision that we hope sets about no later than May of 2021. We are planning to put together the largest studio on ROBLOX by hiring developers and organizing them into teams to work with that team on the given project. We love to get other peoples input, so feel free to suggest, agree, or disagree with the teams ideas.

The Founder + Manager
@PositiveTal / tal#2380

The Owner + Manager
@FyreeIG / SethBoi#9266


We are looking to hire one [or more, if necessary] professional/semi-professional hard working Modelers who are willing to follow all of the listed requirements:


  • You must build high-poly assets.
  • Good Communication.
  • Significant experience with a trusted 3D Modeling application.
  • English Speaker.
  • Age 14+.
  • Preeminent portfolio.
  • Has a Discord account (if not, please create one for business purposes.)
  • Can be mature and professional at ALL times.
  • Will wait for payment.


You will be paid whatever is asked, unless overpriced. Because we are low on funds, we cannot offer to pay you more than 500 per asset, however, all of the developers prices will raise, in the case that we do receive Linkmon’s investment (explained below.) Your price would then range from 1k-2k per asset, or higher.

IMPORTANT: All of the current developers have agreed to wait for payment via group funds, and you must do so as well. We are currently in the process of possibly earning an investment from Linkmon, the richest ROBLOX player, himself (we do have proof, if you need it) to help pay you. I, myself, alongside Fyree are both working for backup payment, in the case that we do not achieve the investment and our game fails. Do not hesitate to ask us for screenshot and/our screen recording proof of the possible investment.


  • I am available via Discord. [tal #2380]
  • If I do not respond to you within 1-2 business weeks, email me. swaggyrobloxdev@gmail.com
  • If you must, I am available through ROBLOX itself or the Developer Forum. It may take me a bit long to respond to you, though, as I do not often hop on the forum or ROBLOX anymore. My username is @PositiveTal.
  • If you prefer, you may attach your portfolio and Discord tag to the post, we’ll message you from there. Again, you may risk a late or no response. This is highly recommended, as developers are often interested and only message me via the forum or respond to the topic, and I see their amazing work after I’ve already hired someone else.

We have previously fired two modelers in the future, both have valid reasoning, which will be explained below. This is just to ensure that you do not act at all as they did. If the reasonings do not appear reasonable, I’d be happy to discuss this further in private messages.

What they did and why they were fired.

* Our first Modeler, whose name I will not publicly display, used free models from ROBLOX Studio’s Toolbox, and claimed them as their own. When confronted about it, they claimed that it was their work. However, they, for one, somehow built, textured and finished 10 high quality guns in one day. Following that, every weapon seemed to have a different kind of texture. Some appeared low poly, some appeared high poly, some where extremely advanced, much different than the others and some were completely different. When modeling, we know it takes 4-8 hours just to texture one gun. Therefore, finishing 10 guns in 24 hours, maybe a bit longer, does not make sense. We did the safe thing, and removed them from their position. There is a chance that they may have built the weapons, but it is very unlikely.

  • Our second Modeler, whose name I will not publicly display, had great assets. However, they slacked off. Because of this specific developer, Fyree and I had to create quotas for all of the devs, causing annoyance for all of them. The modeler never worked with being begged to. Not asked, begged. After possibly two months of development with them, if that, they had only turned in an M9 (not textured, as they did not know how), and MP5K, ammunition, an AK47 that we constantly asked them to fix (but they didn’t) and a bat (that I didn’t even know he finished, as he never told us, rather expected us to just know.) It sounds like a lot, but all of the other developers did so much–maybe even more than their quotas–every week. Our Secondary Animator, UJustGotGamed, has only completed two animations since he began because the modeler only turned in two completed guns. Whenever privately messaged about this exact situation by the animator, Gamed’s messages were either ignored or excuses were made. Again, we can provide screenshots for you. The modeler always attempted to run our team as well, however, they did not even do their own job, why would I allow them to help manage the entire team?
    Alongside that, they also often made a certain developer, who I will not mention, feel very uncomfortable. They would constantly participate in ‘dating’ and ‘marrying’ jokes after being asked to stop. The jokes began after the developer sent their face. We have multiple screenshots of the uncomfortable jokes (in one of the screenshots, the developer asks the modeler to stop, for the thousandth time) alongside a screenshot of when the modeler indirectly asked them out, which, may I remind you, they’d only known each other for approximatley a week or two, and they didn’t even know each other’s age. Again, do not hesitate to ask for this proof. This developer had a lot of problems, not just regarding modeling. However, I won’t be bashing them any further.

Look forward to working with you,

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